The sensitive loss that Boca will suffer against Vélez due to injury

the paraguayan defender bruno valdez He did not train alongside his teammates at the Ezeiza premises and could be ruled out for the duel on the fifth date of Mouth versus Velez at the José Amalfitani stadium.

The defender suffered muscle discomfort in morning training, something that had already happened to him a few weeks ago, and was excluded from the group to finish practice alone. His place would occupy facundo roncaglia in the starting eleven.

Valdez could not finish yesterday’s practice either, so added to today’s drop, it made Hugo Ibarra I would think about changing it for the match against Velez of this Saturday 25 as a visitor.

The Paraguayan played as a starter the four dates that the tournament of the professional leaguewith the addition that in three duels he played 90 minutes and was only eliminated against Platense 37 minutes into the plugin.

Roncagliawho would be his replacement for the match against him FortHe was only present in two games, in the International Super Cup against Careers -participated in the 90 minutes- before he arrived Valdezand the last 10 minutes before the squid“, the last weekend.