The Javier Gandolfi Workshops are a serious thing

Workshops is serious business. At times he likes it, but the important thing is that he wins and wins in the Professional League. Serious thing is Javier Gandolfi, the coach gave his team a game identity and performances like the one he had in the victory against Platense are no longer surprising, beyond a few moments of anxiety. Serious was the game of the Uruguayan Michael Santos, accompanied by a team that demonstrated virtues that excite the albiazul fan.

The ‘T’ beat Platense 4-2 as a visitor and accumulated their fourth consecutive victory, which places them at the top of the standings, with 12 points. “We understand the game that Gandolfi is asking for,” Santos said at the end of the game… and it shows.

The game did not start well for the Cordoba team, but patience paid off.

After 10 minutes, Talleres opened the scoring. Platense was better planted on the field, but a vertical, precise and well-crafted attack was decisive. Catalán commanded him, Banavidez accompanied, Michael Santos was the mastermind and Pizzini, who is in a state of grace, crowned her. Firm and lethal.

Four minutes later the albiazul lethality paid off. He pressed high, Garro executed quickly with an assist and Michael Santos defined with a master class.

Two great goals from the team’s scorers. A gust that overwhelmed the local.

At 42 minutes, the ‘T’ stretched the advantage, where he showed how plugged in the team was in that first stage and the lightness of the local team. Garro’s free kick, goalkeeper Arce rebounded, and all the Talleres players reacted, Santos assisted and Portillo converted.

Talleres made an elite first half. With Garro, Villagra, Pizzini and Franco creating the game circuit, managing the threads of the game at ease and Santos intractable. In addition, it was always for more.

However, the team led by Martin Palermo in the plugin went with everything, player by player, to look for the quick discount. And I found it after 4 minutes with a volley from Castro.

Talleres was not playing well. Guido Herrera had to appear with all his hierarchy to maintain the result. And at 19 minutes, the ‘T’ liquidated it. He took advantage of the spaces left by the brown cast, commanded Garro, assisted Pizzini and Santos, once again, converted.

The Uruguayan, two goals, two assists; great game “I am in a very good moment,” said the Albiazul striker when the game ended. Santos has four goals in the tournament and 25 with the jacket of the Jardín neighborhood club. Against ‘Tense’ he played 71 minutes and showed a level to applaud: he drew game, assists and great goals. There is no doubt, he is in a very good moment.

But the ‘T’ could not be calm, because deep down it had discovered. Servetto, at 34′, scored a great goal from outside the area. It was very difficult for Talleres to retain the center forwards that Palermo put in. His offensive attitude was enough for her to succeed.

Talleres won and thrashed Vicente López. On the next date he will receive a visit from Vélez, on Sunday, at 9:30 p.m., at the Mario Kempes.

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