The consecration of Nicki Nicole in the difficult Chilean festival

“Since I set foot in Chile, I have not stopped feeling the love from all of you,” said Nicki Nicole on the night that marked the closing of the Viña el Mar Festival. “The love that you are giving me is incredible and that is why it fills me with joy to return to be together in such a short time.” The Argentine singer was part of the jury of the famous festival together with the artists Juanita Parra,

Polima Westcoast, Emilia Mernes, José Luis Repenning, Daniel Fuenzalida, the actor Gonzalo Valenzuela and Eduardo Fuentes. And of course, he went on stage. It was there that she had the verification of the fervent esteem that they have for her beyond having won two awards: the silver and gold gulls respectively.

To the surprise of Nicki herself, perhaps the most famous Rosario -after Messi-, that is, Fito Páez, dedicated a few words to her in his show, who was also born in that city: “Nicki, the next one is with you”. For her part, Martín Cárcamo, director of the festival, said about her: “Nicki has a sensitivity, humility and talent that impresses”.

The show with which the Argentine singer closed Viña del Mar covered the most emblematic songs in special versions that brought the atmosphere from dance and euphoria to nostalgia and emotion. According to the reviews in the Chilean media, there were moments where Nicki saw the amphitheater collapse, especially when she remixed the song Marisola, along with Standly and Cris MJ, and came out covered with an Argentine and Chilean flag on her shoulders And when singing Prayers the night lit up with cell phones.

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