Scientific studies refute the alleged benefits of formula milk for babies

The formula milk It has been installed in the social imagination as a product that is beneficial for the healthy development of children. you drinkhowever, scientific studies refute the alleged nutritional effectiveness that is sold to parents in the market.

The World Health Organization affirms that only half of children under six months are nourished solely with breastmilk and accuses the companies in the industry for their deceptive marketing campaigns through which they substantially increase their sales.

A team of researchers analyzed websites that promote a total of 608 articles, of which 53% are offered under claims such as collaboration “in the development of the brain or nervous system”, 39% promise the strengthening of the immune system while 37% claim to contribute to the growth and development of newborns.

bonding psychology and breastfeeding


In relation to these commercial strategies, the experts made use of the fact that in the 50% of the advertisements do not specify what is the ingredient that provides healthy ingestion? . Mainly, the most striking observation focuses on the fact that in 74% of cases lack scientific references that support them.

“All the information received about infant feeding must be accurate and independent of the influence of the industry to ensure family decision-making,” health professionals state.

Breastfeeding in Argentina

In the Argentine Republic there are laws and public policies that guarantee the rights of people to breastfeed and be breastfed, such as Law No. 26,873 of Breastfeeding and the sanctioned “Law of 100 days”that proposes accompaniment and assistance during pregnancy and during the first three years of life of the children.

Breastfeeding: why can it be decisive for the health of future generations?

“The recommendation to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months of age and then complement it with other foods until the baby is 2 years old or more should not be assumed as an act that only concerns the mother, but is a commitment of the that the other members of the family group and of society as a whole are responsible and who participates”, stated the Secretary of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Argentine Pediatric Society, Roxana Conti.


Breastfeeding: an ancestral practice that calls for co-responsibility

Benefits of breastfeeding over formula milk

  • It is safer and more hygienic, it is always available at the right temperature.
  • through the breastmilk the protection factors or tests that protect it from the most common diseases are transmitted to the baby, until it is capable of forming its own defenses.
  • The breastfed babies they not only suffer fewer infections, respiratory difficulties, diarrhoea.
  • They are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer in their adult life.


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