Scandal: a PSV fan attacked the Sevilla goalkeeper in the middle of the Europa League match

A spectator of the game PSV-Seville that the Spanish team lost 2-0 although they went on to the round of 16 in the Europa League due to the 3-0 lead they had from the first leg, took to the pitch at the Philips Stadium in added time and attacked the goalkeeper Marko DmitrovicJorge Sampaoli’s team.

The incident, which did not have any major consequences for the Serbian Sevilla goalkeeper, occurred in the 92nd minute of the match, still with the score 1-0, when the young spectator who was detained jumped onto the field and went towards Dmitrovicwho came to give a blow that, in principledon’t cause any trouble for the goalie.

The attacker was immediately subdued by the security of the PSV Eindhoven stadium and, after the match was stopped, the Italian referee daniel orsato and players from both teams approached the Sevilla area to inquire about Dmitrovic’s condition, who pointed out to the referee that he had no problem, so the clash resumed a minute later.

“I never saw anything like it. I’m going to shut up so as not to say what I really wanted to do. I’m glad I was aware of where he was and narrowed him down. Luckily I stopped, otherwise other things could have happened. She wanted to hit me It’s unfortunate that this happens on a soccer field.. UEFA should intervene, this has to stop”, commented the Serb.

Source: EFE