“Mixed” Physical Education classes: in San Juan students will be able to choose the gender of the teacher

The educational program of School Year 2023corresponding to the students of secondary level of the province of San Juanwill have a series of modifications in its scheme, such as the introduction mixed gym classes. Students will have the power to choose, according to their preferences, whether they want to take the class with a male or female teacher, an initiative designed to “avoid discrimination, violence and bullying, and promote inclusion”.

As part of the innovative proposals introduced in the area of ​​Physical Education, students from San Juan you can choose the gender of the teacher a charge of teaching classes.

“Students will be able to choose have gymnastics with teacher A or teacher B (male or female), an option that seeks to make children feel comfortable and with greater enthusiasm to participate. The choice can be made in person or online, as determined by the school,” explained Ana Sánchez, the province’s Secretary of Education, in statements collected in the Cuyo’s diary.

However, schools will also have autonomy to apply the modifications. This means that each institution will be able to determine which students will take the classes with the professor and with the professor, as long as gender diversity and inclusive criteria are respected.

“This change, more than anything, involves a reorganization and a review of curricular contents with a critical analysis to achieve improvements,” the official explained in the aforementioned medium.

Inclusive education: why bet on education from diversity

Gender diversity as the axis of student training

The secondary needs a structural change that responds to the contextual reality with which we live”, Sánchez uses. “Gender diversity is present in schools and we must not look to the side”.

“Sometimes, based on how they perceive themselves, kids wonder which teacher (male or female) they should take gym class with. The objective is to avoid discrimination, violence and bullying, and promote inclusion“, explained the authority in educational matters.

“For each division there is a male and a female teacher with certain schedules, that will be maintained, the grid can even be expanded or varied according to the availability of each one,” Ana Sánchez explained in the local media.

With the new provisions, students will also have the ability to choose the “most convenient” time to take the class.

“Like all changes, this will be applied gradually and, for sure, it will generate found by break with the historical classes separated by gender. But, it must be taken into account that the boys attend a gym or a club all together, ”explained the provincial Secretary of Education.


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