Mass mailing, an effective digital marketing strategy

A fundamental aspect for your company to achieve a higher sales rate is to invest in advertising and marketing. In such a way that users and connoisseurs of your brand prefer your products over others, either because of their outstanding quality or because they offer highly competitive market prices compared to other companies.

Let’s see below how mass mailing can help you in this and what you should know about this technique.

What is mass mailing

He Massive mail It is a technique that consists of sending emails to a large number of recipients with the intention of promoting the products or services of your business. The main advantage of this technique is that it is possible to reach a large number of recipients in a very short time, being able to adapt almost automatically to the particularities of customers, which increases the margin of possible purchases. Results statistics can be obtained thanks to tools that calculate the number of emails opened, if the recipients have opened the email and even if they clicked on the links that redirect them to your web page.

How to send effective mass mailing

Before explaining how to send mass mailings, we are going to see six aspects that you should avoid so that your results are more effective. The first thing is not to send emails without the permission of the recipients, but should be sent to those users who have subscribed to your newsletter or your website or who are customers. Never use an email list purchased from third parties, as your emails will most likely be classified as spam in your recipients’ account and most of them won’t even open them.

You have to personalize the emails, including the name of the recipient and other relevant information. In the same way, emails must be segmented so that customers receive a selection of products or services according to their needs or tastes.

The appearance of the emails is essential and, beyond this, the fact that they are optimized for mobile devices or other devices is an aspect that will give your emails a professionalism that helps increase the trust and liking of your customers.

Finally, you should always measure and analyze the results in order to improve mailing strategies for future campaigns. Let’s see below how a mass mailing has been sent.

How an effective mailing should be

Based on the above data, we can conclude that an effective mailing is one that follows these steps in a certain order:

First, a mailing list of people who have consented to receive your emails is created.

This list is then segmented according to the interests or purchase rates of the users.

Third, engaging content is created for all of these user segments and delivered to these groups based on the analyzed preferences.

Automatic systems are used that personalize emails, thanks to the information obtained on your website at the time users register and enter their personal data.

Finally, the sending of massive emails is scheduled.

How to create a mailing list

Although the easiest and most common way is to include a subscription form on your website where users fill in their data and it is stored in a database, there are others. For example, landing pages are tools that collect the email addresses of users who are interested in a product or service on your website. You can also share your mailing lists with other companies or businesses in the same sector, as long as this transfer is part of the conditions that users accept when registering on your website or in your newsletter.

However, promotion by other means is also effective: you can organize raffles among the participants who register on your website with their email address, you can promote your business and your products or services on social networks; and/or you can collect email addresses at fairs where they offer offers or information to people who give you their email address.

How to segment the email list

By segmenting, we mean creating groups that address different aspects that may affect the needs, tastes, and products that users may want or need.

One of the most common categories that are taken into account when carrying out these segmentations are age, gender and geographical location, but also according to the level of interaction that users have, such as clicks on links.

On the other hand, the user’s purchase history is essential, both for the products and for the frequency of purchases. Finally, with all this data you will be able to gather information and crossed conclusions about the most common topics of interest or activities of these people, something that could also be included in the registration form so that the users themselves can personalize the emails they are going to receive

Fundamental tips to make your content attractive

The intention of the mass email is that with each email that users receive, they see the need to purchase increased. In the content of the emails, you must identify the problems of your users and offer useful, practical, effective and/or simple solutions.

Call to action precisely and directly so that your users take action to solve their problems. I included successful cases and opinions of users who were satisfied with the product or service.

Finally, follow up with which you measure the effectiveness in new users and how to improve for the future.

Taking all these aspects into account, you will surely increase your sales, build customer loyalty and, most importantly, help your company grow day by day.

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