In Pipo Gorosito’s debut at the helm of the team, Colón tied with Huracán

By date 5 of the Professional League, Colón and Huracán tied 1 to 1with goals from Jorge Benítez and Nicolás Cordero, respectively. the sabalero had the debut of Néstor Gorosito as a coach on the bench, while The balloon presented an alternative team because the pass to phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores is played.

There were barely 3 minutes from when Hurricane imposed conditions and with a header from Nicolás Cordero he opened the scoring in Santa Fe.

But, although Diego Dabove’s men defended well and controlled the game, Colón found the equalizer at the feet of Jorge Benítez after 32 minutes of that stage and they went to rest.

In the second part, little happened, it was difficult to play and the process was very difficult, however, Santiago Pierotti recovered twice in a row against Lucas Castro and Fernando Godoy and scored 2-1, but Nazarerno Arasamatch referee, he assumed foul and annulled it. From then on there were almost no chances of scoring and it ended 1-1.

With this result, Colón still hasn’t won and only added two draws in five gamess. For his part, Huracán remains undefeated and reached 11 points in the tournament to stay one of the leaders of the championship.

Colón vs Huracán: the formations

Colon: Ignacio Chicco; Eric Meza, Facundo Garcés, Paolo Goltz, Gian Nardelli, Rafael Delgado, Santiago Pierotti, Baldomero Perlaza, Stefano Moreyra, Carlos Arrúa and Jorge Benítez. DT: Nestro Gorosito.

Hurricane: Nicholas Campisi; Fernando Torrent, Patricio Pizarro, Joaquín Novillo, Lucas Carrizo, Walter Mazzantti, Agostino Spina, Fernando Godoy, Santiago Luján, Nicolás Cordero and Juan Manuel García. DT: Diego Dabove.