In France you will not be able to hunt under the influence of alcohol

The French government made public on Monday the measures that will regulate hunting in the country. The most emblematic measure is the creation of a fine for those who fall under the influence of alcohol. But after several months of debate ruled out establishing a day without huntingparticularly on Sunday, to the delight of hunters and the great disappointment of animal defense associations and a large majority of French people.

According to an Ifop survey, 78% of the natives were in favor of prohibiting hunting on that weekend day of rest, and the leaders yielded to the pressure of the powerful sector of the hunters, although it is a population that has been reduced in recent years.

Nicolas Hulot, Macron’s Prime Minister of Ecological Transition, resigned in 2021 denouncing, among others, these and other issues. The practice of hunting is a sensitive issue in France, a country where Accidents linked to this activity are frequent, some of them fatal.

In 2022, 90 incidents were recorded, eight of which resulted in deaths. The latest took place over the weekend when an 84-year-old hunter accidentally killed himself cleaning his gun. In other cases, bicyclists or hikers have been injured or killedcitizens who only enjoy nature. The plan presented by the government consists of 14 measures on three main axes: reinforce the training and awareness of hunters, establish safety rules and guarantee a better coexistence with lovers of the environment.

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Among the measures, it is also announced the generalization of training in the use of weapons by 2029 and the non-suspension of the activity on weekends, especially on Sunday, I claim that it did not prosper. To better inform hikers, A digital platform will be launched to identify the zones and times without hunting. The organizers will be obliged to declare them. But you can continue with the practice on Sundays, one of the most dangerous days According to the accident statistics of which many lovers of outdoor life are often victims: hunters as it happens in other sectors of the population they usually drink on weekends and go out into the ring with the gun.

Nowadays, the country has about 1.1 million active huntersaccording to their national federation. “Hunters will not be able to shoot in any way or against anything, not even while intoxicated… What a great revolution for 2023”, declared the beautiful and mature Brigitte Bardot, a fervent defender of animals, wryly.

Source: AFP (photo) and rfI.

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