He found a camera that was submerged in water for 6 years in the Esteros del Iberá

A young woman was visiting the Iberá Wetlands Reservein the province of Corrientes, when he found a striking object buried in the mud of the lagoon of wing one: a digital camera. It still contained its memory card and kept each and every one of the memories that its owners had wanted to treasure.

“Whenever I go through a place I try to collect all the garbage that I see on the floor. Mostly plastic and everything that is invasive. One afternoon when I was walking along the bottom of a dry lagoon I came across that black casing stuck in the mud. The bag tightly and it was a photo camera“said the girl, called Milagros Castañeda, in dialogue with Infobae.

Faced with this situation, Milagros, who coincidentally is a professional photographer from the city of Concordia, grabbed the device completely covered in mud and noticed that the battery was not exploded and memory was intactso there was at least a chance that all the moments and memories could still be recovered.

I realized that the memory was intact. So I took her out of the camera and at that point she asked me if she was going to be able to access the images. What stories would they contain or what could I see inside. I don’t think about anything else,” she explained.

Immediately afterwards, the young woman returned to Concordia and when she arrived, the first thing she did was put the memory on her computer. Against all odds, quickly dropped all saved imagesThey belonged to a couple. At that moment the girl realized that the last photo was dated “September 2016”, which meant that the camera remained under water for 6 years.

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Subsequently, Milagros began to debate what she should do with her find and whether or not to expose the images. In this context, it was her friends who encouraged her to post her story on her Twitter, assuring her that “Everything could go viral in a very short time”.

That’s how it went. This Sunday afternoon the publication reached thousands of people, including the owners and protagonists of the recovered memories. “My phone started to explode and in 6 hours he found the couple with the lost photos. I never imagined that everything would happen so quickly,” he said.

The incredible story of the camera found in the Esteros del Iberá

It was Nazarena, the niece of the couple who appeared in the photos, who came across the publication and was in charge of establishing contact between the girl and the owners of the images. “They are my uncles! They are still together”said the young woman and accompanied the message with a photo of the protagonists of the story that now had a happy ending.

In addition, he explained how the camera was lost and left abandoned for more than six years in the Iberá Wetlands: “They went on an excursion, they lent it to someone and that person dropped it”story.

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Once the connection was made, Milagros found out that the couple hails from sea ​​of ​​silverfor which they have already coordinated among themselves and in the coming weeks the long-awaited meeting will take place where more than two years of memories that they believed were lost forever will be recovered.

She told me she was puzzledI couldn’t believe that I was going to have those memories that I thought were lost forever”, the girl told about her dialogue with Eugenia, the owner of the camera, who will travel more than 800 kilometers together with his partner Adrián to recover the images.

The comments, another story apart

As is obvious, beyond the fact that the story reached its protagonists and had a happy ending, this was also exposed to the entire Twitter community, where hundreds of people began to comment on it and even invented a different story.

“I’m dying, it turned out that they were cheating and they had thrown away the evidence”wrote a user along with laughing emojis, while another added: “That’s my cousin, but that’s not the husband she’s had for 14 years…”.

In this context, another user speculated: “It is obvious that they separated. Probably from a fight caused by the loss of the camera”.

The incredible story of the camera found in the Esteros del Iberá

The incredible story of the camera found in the Esteros del Iberá

In any case, the couple’s niece said that these I take it with humor and was laughing at all the comments.

On the other hand, several people, shocked by the fact that the photos were intact, began to inquire about the brand of both the device and the card memory

The incredible story of the camera found in the Esteros del Iberá

“Has anyone already asked about the brand of the memory card?”consulted one of the users, to which another added to the question and reproached “Six years ago an SD did not last me even half a year before it began to fail.”

Without hesitation, the young woman who made the discovery did not take long to clear Internet users of doubts: the camera and the memory were brand sony.


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