Gago answered Riquelme’s “no one plays nice”: “This is so”

Juan Román Riquelme, Vice President of MouthHe spoke about Argentine soccer and launched a sentence that agitated several coaches: “no one plays nice“said the former player and began to have an answer. First Ruben Insúa, from San Lorenzo, was in favor of the leader of the xeneize, but then Gabriel Milito and Israel Damonte joined. Now I add fernando gago.

There are a lot of teams that play well. everyone has their style“, expressed the DT of Careers. And he added: “Afterwards, There are teams that seem more interesting to me because of my way of seeing the game and there are others that do what they want to do well. This is so, playing is played well. There are teams that play well“.

Then I clarify: “Over there, from the football side you have a totally different taste from mine. So, about tastes we can comment and say a lot, but there are teams that play very well”.

The answers that Riquelme received

“Román said it, he was a great player and he sees football very well, it’s hard not to agree“, sentences the Galician.

“Racing plays well. River is in the process with Martín (Demichelis) who has just arrived, but plays well. Tigre plays well. Arsenal, with their new coach, plays well. I respect everyone’s opinion, but my opinion is that Argentinians play well”Milito expressed.

Sarmiento played well despite the defeat. Riquelme said that in Argentine soccer there is no one who does it and it is an authorized word, but I like how it is played here ”, Damonte shot.