From the Monumental stadium, River Plate faces Arsenal

For a new day of professional league, Silver river As a local, he receives the resistance of the team of Sarandi Arsenal in a match that will take place this Sunday, February 26, starting at 7:15 p.m. The transmission of this meeting will be LIVE and will be in charge of TNT SPORTS.

The clash between the two teams will take place at the facilities of the Monumental Stadium. The last time it was measured was on August 17, 2022 in a match that ended tied 0-0 on the scoreboard.

The home team come to this game after beating Tigre 1-0 as a visitor in what was the game corresponding to the fourth date of the tournament. Arsenal, meanwhile, has accumulated two consecutive defeats and recognizes that they will face a rival that will not allow them to play calmly.

Squad from Rio

Arsenal Squad

River vs. Arsenal

Probable alignments of River vs. Arsenal for the Professional League

Silver river: Franco Armani; Robert Rojas, Leandro González Pirez, Enzo Díaz, Milton Casco; José Paradela, Enzo Pérez and Pablo Solari; Ignacio Fernandez; Salomón Rondón and Lucas Beltrán.

Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Ignacio Gariglio, Felipe Peña and Joaquín Pombo; Nestor Breitenbruch, Brian Rivero, Juan Cuesta and Adrián Sporle; Santiago Paiva, Flabian Londoño and Lautaro Guzmán.