Copa Argentina: a mixed zone in which the boys cheer on the greats

There is something in the victories that have taken place these days and that have taken place in recent years that goes beyond sports: it is something more linked to the poetic, a David against Goliath in a soccer key, the return to the most tender of the childhood, when the big team lost to the little ones, or the rich lost to the poor. The Argentine Cup, strictly speaking, is that: a melting pot of unimaginable, unforeseen results that defy any logic. In short: the dynamics of the compensated.

The poetic happens on the field –because of the result, by the gestures of some footballers who are playing the game of their careers, by the emotion of the fans–, but also in the environment: in the locker room of San Martín de Formosa, the shoes worn out of the players contrasted with the pristine faces of the Racing stars. The image did not circulate, but it showed the enormous differences between soccer players that later, on the field of play, were reduced to nothing.

But the best – or the newsworthy: when a human died to the dog, not the other way around – did not happen in Racing-San Martín, but in Florencio Varela and the Estadio Único de San Nicolás. There, in the same afternoon, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata lost to Excursionistas and Newell’s to Claypole. Or rather: Excursionistas beat Gimnasia and Claypole beat Newell’s. The world turned upside down.

Two weeks ago, the other hit was Central Español, who beat Tigre at the Deportivo Morón stadium. Tigre, one of the best teams in the last Professional League, finalist in the League Cup in 2022, lost against a semi-amateur Primera D team, whose total budget is almost the same as Tigre’s best salary.

According to what El Gráfico published on its website, since the Argentine Cup was restarted, in the 2011-2012 season, in 114 games Primera teams have lost, either in regular time or on penalties, with another one from a category lower. In fact, the list is headed by Tigre (eight times); they are followed by Arsenal and Newell’s (7); Union and Velez (6).

Racing and San Lorenzo are the greats that fell the most against teams from other categories in this decade. In the last edition, Racing lost against Agropecuario in what could be a reason for historical mockery: Carlos Casares’s club took to the field with a legend on their shirt: “Thank you dad for making me Racing.” Its founder and president, Bernardo Grobocopatel, is a fan of the Academy and had it done as a tribute. But it was a boomerang: Agropecuario – like Boca Unidos, Sarmiento de Resistencia or Tristán Suárez years before – won 2-1 and an earthquake appeared in Fernando Gago’s team, which went from being a sensation to feeling humiliated.

Last year, San Lorenzo lost to Racing de Córdoba, who will face River in a few days. El Ciclón has an adverse streak against rivals of supposed lesser value: in 2019 they lost to Estudiantes de San Luis, in 2018 against Temperley and in 2017 against Deportivo Morón. That day on the Lanús field was a symbol of what happens in this cup: Morón had brought almost the same people as San Lorenzo. For a fan it was one more game. For the other, a world final.

Five games for the round of 32

The Argentine Cup announced yesterday the date of five matches corresponding to the 32nd final of the 2023 edition, in which the programming of River and San Lorenzo stood out.

After the bumps of these weeks, the millionaire team led by Martín Demichelis will have its debut against Racing de Córdoba, recently promoted to the First National, next Wednesday, March 8, at a time and stadium to be confirmed

In addition, that same day, Sarmiento de Junín will face Chaco For Ever, also from the Second Division of Argentine soccer and, like the rest of the commitments, it remains to define its start time and venue.

A week later, on Wednesday March 15, San Lorenzo will play its match against Sarmiento de Resistencia, from Federal A.

On the other hand, Arsenal de Sarandí will play Villa Miter from Bahía Blanca, from Federal A, and Argentinos Juniors against Deportivo Armenio, from Primera B Metropolitana.

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