Atlético Madrid already has a possible replacement before Simeone’s imminent departure

The days of Diego Simeone on the mattress bench they would probably be numbered according to information provided by various media in Europe.

The reasons would be related to the end of a successful cycle that saw him lift after eight titles during his entire stay at the capital club. But the above would not only be the only indication of his departure, since in recent weeks there have been strong criticisms that have been made about his style of play and significant discontent after the elimination from the UEFA Champions League.

Due to this situation, since the Atlético Madrid board began to analyze proposals to define the name of the replacement for the Argentine coach.

After his elimination in the World Cup in Qatar, the eyes of the team leaders focus on the work of Luis Enrique, who could have the possibility of returning to the technical direction of a team in the Spanish League. Will it be given?