Alexis Mac Allister told what his life is like after being World Champion: “It’s the same boring life as always”

Alexis McAllister It was one of the great revelations of the Argentine national team in it Qatar World Cup 2022Two months after the consecration against France in the final, the Brighton player went into detail about how it did not change his life.

in dialogue with daily mailthe flyer revealed: “My life is the same boring life as always. I train, I go home, I sit on the sofa, I drink mate, I watch football. It’s the same life.”

I recognize myself more, that’s true. I am from a city called La Pampa and six months before the World Cup, I was in the middle of the airport there and only one person recognized me. After the World Cup, I went back to La Pampa and there were 20,000 people waiting for me at the airport. So that was a life changerMacAllister added.

Alexis Mac Allister surrendered at the feet of Lionel Messi

The midfielder was full of praise for Lionel Messiwhom we miss as a great help to achieve his adaptation in the National Team: “In Argentina, we were very grateful for him and proud of him because we know that we are world cup champions thanks to him“.

“If Messi played in the Premier League, he would be the best, without a doubt. Would it be too hard for him? I don’t think so. He showed that in the World Cup, the toughest tournament in the world, how good he is and how important he was for the national teamFeatured, Alexis.