About organ transplantation from pigs to humans

The birth of the first five genetically edited pigs in Latin America opens the possibility that Argentina becomes a pioneer in the region for xenotransplantation (from one species to another) in humans. The company announcement Biotechnology of new organs arises after a project of the Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the Buenos Aires’ Universitywith a team made up of daniel salamone and his doctoral fellow Federico Allegroni.

The initiative seeks to address a growing problem: long waiting lists due to the global increase in patients in need of transplant, as opposed to the limited number of organs available, whether of living or dead origins. transplants from pigsgenetically very similar to humans, appear as one of the more viable alternatives.

“One person had a pig’s heart transplanted last year and survived for two months,” Salamone explained to Fontevecchia mode. “He did not die from physiological incompatibility, but from a megalovirus infection [provoca el aumento de tamaño de las células infectadas]. The heart was perfectly functional, but it was immunosuppressed and did not resist. There is also a history of a transplant renal of a woman who was in eat. Although there was no rejection, due to his delicate base state, he passed after two days.

They visited the mRNA vaccine development and production center

Rafael Fernandez Martinsecurity manager New Organs the researcher of Conicetensures that his technique makes it possible to edit the porcine genome to avoid immunological rejections, which opens the way towards a greater primate compatibility. Some of the techniques they used are embryo productionthe resonance of the reproductive cycle of born and receiving sows, embryo transfer, ultrasound monitoring of pregnancies and assistance to born piglets.

The pigs in this litter also had a gene related to growth hormone edited, which would allow the size of the organs to remain similar to that of their human counterparts, the site explained. Periphery. Among the first applications, pigskin could be used for surgical procedures such as optimizing the application of grafts to treat burns, scars and even tattoo removal.


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