A team from Brazil seeks to take over the services of a player from La Scaloneta

After the conquest of the third title of the world, the players of the step They turned out to be closely followed by managers of various teams around the world. In Brazil they are no exception to this rule and they intend to stay with one of the key players in obtaining the championship.

This is Ángel Di María, who currently has not renewed his contract with Juventus in Italy. In this sense, according to updated tnt Sports, Inter de Porto Alegre would be following in his footsteps and would possibly have to think about incorporating him, as soon as he defines his situation.

The confirmation was delivered by the team president, who revealed that they are aware of all the games in which the left-hander is active. Which, without a doubt, excites all Inter fans, who expect to have the experience of a decisive attacker.

For now, the noodle He is working with his teammates and is preparing to play a new day in the Italian Serie A. Could it be the index of a return to Argentina?