With the Fund’s endorsement, the savings dollar rises and the exchange rate improves for regional economies

He Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and his work team prepared a package of measures that will be published this Monday in the Official Gazette, aimed at strengthening tax collection and strengthening reserves.

The agreed measures come one day after the IMF announced on its networks the principle of agreement reached with Argentina. He staff level agreement It would be on Thursday of the week that begins, although it is not yet defined if Massa will travel to Washington. IMF disbursements until the end of the year would be around US$ 10 billion, Although the schedule is not yet defined.

The regional economies will continue with the possibility of settling exports at a differential exchange rate until August 31. They will have an increase that will allow them to receive $340 per dollar. Until Friday of last week they received $300. The measure also allows corn but excludes soybeans.

Economy and the IMF announce an agreement in principle and estimate to close it in the coming days

As of today, the Government expects the export complex to liquidate US$ 2,000 million. In return, the BCRA will have to issue what could have an inflationary impact, which has not yet been calibrated. The BCRA will operate instruments to sterilize the issue.

In parallel, imports will be taxed with the PAIS tax. All services will be taxed at 25%. Freight and goods will have a rate of 7.5%. The measure includes free zones. Goods and services linked to education and health will be exempt. Also those related to fuel and energy. Nor will those contemplated in the Basic Food Basket be taxed. The luxury and luxury will continue with a rate of 30%.

Having overcome the idea of ​​chaos, Massa now disputes with the opposition the representation of “order”

The goods of the agribusiness and the automotive complex, which are imported to make effective exports will also be exemptas long as the export was previously charged.

Economy seeks with the new taxes a collection of $1.3 trillion. The fiscal goals with the IMF are in rediscussion. The current year should close with a primary deficit of 1.9%.

On the other hand, measures will be taken to simplify the exchange rate. The “solidarity dollar” and the “card dollar” are equal (with 30% of the PAIS tax + 45% perception of Earnings) as long as they do not exceed U$S 300. The “Qatar dollar” does not change.