Why Néstor Grindetti is Patricia Bullrich’s chosen one

The decision of patricia bullrich put an end to a long novel. His candidate in the Buenos Aires province be Nestor Grindetti. The enthronement of the former SOCMA, a man who knew how to be very close to frank macri, effect a tsunami within the internal exchange.

Bullrich ended up supporting grindetti not so much for what could be his electoral performance – today the numbers give him below his immediate competitor, the larretista Diego Santilli– but for what it can add up. It is that she needs territorial support from which to expand to the rest of the province, and Grindetti is the current mayor of Lanús, as well as being from the kidney of Mauricio Macri. The hope in the bullrichista campaign is that behind the mayor other support from Buenos Aires leaders will join.

Either way, the decision left a trail of wounded, other applicants who aspired to that place. The first one on that list is Cristian Ritondo, who measured more and had hopes of occupying that place. That anger translates into an unknown: who is going to support the former minister of Vidal in the contest? whatA Grindetti or a Santilli? In an election as fine as this is supposed to be, those kinds of decisions can end up tipping the scales. Because of the anger that he brought Ritondo with Bullrich, after being marginalized from the Buenos Aires election, it would seem to be closer to the second option.

The other big question that remains is whether there will be a unified list of candidates for national councilors and deputies or if each governor will carry his own. It might seem like a minor detail in this scenario, but the four-year future of a hundred-year-old politicians and all their advisers or their families depends on it. At this time, Bullrich leaned towards the option that each one go for their own, an all for all. Perhaps he is thinking about the composition of Congress as of December 10 and having his own legislators there and who respond to him. She has planned, in the event of success in the national elections, send a package of “deep” measures on December 11.

by RN

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