Who are the referents of JxC and Milei that promoted the Court’s ruling

The libertarian candidate for governor in the province of San Juan, sergio vallejo and the candidate for lieutenant governor for Together for Change in Tucumán, German Alfaro, are the opposition leaders who made the respective presentations before the Supreme Court of Justicewhich prolongs the suspension of the elections scheduled for Sunday, May 14 in said provinces.

Within the framework of the growing tension between the ruling party and the Supreme Court of Justice, various opposition figures spoke out in favor of the decision of the highest court, which puts into discussion the possibility that the candidates Sergio Uñac, in San Juan, and Juan Manzur, in Tucumán, are elected.

We stopped the reelection of Manzur and Uñac. They believe they are feudal lords and owners of their provinces. They wanted to violate their own constitutions and the Supreme Court put them in a box. With us, this will not happen,” he said. patricia bullrich.

Suspension of elections in San Juan and Tucumán: the reasons for the Court’s decision

Indeed, he was one of the exponents of his political space, German Alfaro, who raised his petition to the highest court to stop the provincial elections. This is the mayor of San Miguel de Tucumán and candidate for provincial lieutenant governor for JxC, who left his discharge on social networks.

“Unfortunately the Court of the Province in recent years was co-opted by the provincial governmentleaving the way free for them to violate our Constitution, thus aggravating and degrading the functioning of democratic institutions,” Alfaro said on Twitter.

“When the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation issues a ruling, it must be complied with,” the Juntos reference tweeted. “The suspension of the elections is a very important step for the strengthening of the institutionality in the province that has been long manipulated by the governments of Jaldo and Manzur“, they glimpsed.

“The ruling of the Court comes to give us hope and joy”summarized the mayor in dialogue with CO+.

Suspension of elections in San Juan and Tucumán: the reasons for the Court’s decision

Sergio Vallejos: “There was going to be a fraud against the San Juan citizens”

the libertarian sergio vallejoscandidate for governor of San Juan, was another of the key pieces that filed the lawsuit to stop the elections in his province.

In fact, the activist liberal evolution He celebrated the Court’s ruling and posted on Twitter a video in which I argue that “It doesn’t matter if there were five days left before the electionWhat matters is that a fraud would be committed against the San Juan citizenry if this was allowed.”

Based on the above, the libertarian politician thought that it is a “exemplary ruling. If this was validated, the province of San Juan ran a serious risk of transform into a formosa of good manners”.

in dialogue with The nationVallejos affirmed that the decision of the Justice represents “a bucket of cold water” for Uñac. “He has outbursts of authoritarianism,” he said about the governor.

“I did the last presentation because the one that the group had made seemed very light to me,” Vallejos explained.

“I saw it difficult for the ruling to come out due to the short time that remained [para las elecciones]. But hope is the last thing to lose,” she expressed.


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