What will the new national software company that the government wants to create be like?

The Government advances in the creation of a national software company which has a model similar to Arsat and Invap, with the aim of having an agile response to the demands for solutions that the public sector has, said the Secretary of Knowledge Economy, Ariel Sukharchuk quoted by telam.

The company, which is already in formation, has the support of the union of the Computer Union, that perhaps the state initiative is “necessary” and sought the “participation of workers in the sector”, since “the fundamental asset and critical factor in any computer company it is not in its hardware but in the human vector”.

The exchange rate and the educational deficit complicate the Knowledge Economy

In an interview with the aforementioned state news agency, the Secretary highlighted the work done in 2022 and listed initiatives for 2023 with the goal of reaching US$ 9,000 million in exports of the knowledge industry.

In that context, this Tuesday December 27 authorities of the Palace of Finance of the Ministry of Culture will announce a set of initiatives for the benefit of the Knowledge Economy in which it is found:

  • New simplified regime for small exporters of LEC Services and Electronic Sports (Mono-Tech).
  • 2023 call for the program Promote Video Game Industry.
  • Film+Ar is due, a newa financing line for co-production projects and production of audiovisual content services for export.

Knowledge Economy: Women’s Stories

Challenges of the Knowledge Economy for 2023

“The idea of ​​forming a national software company It is part of different initiatives that we want to develop in the coming months. This, in particular, arose from one of the biggest challenges facing the sector not only in Argentina but in the world: talent retentionbecause they are profiles that are in high demand,” Sujarchuk began by explaining.

“At the same time, the State constantly needs and consumes systems, but it also handles sensitive information. That is why we thought of a state company that can respond much more quickly to the demands we have, with significant cost savings for the Statewhich is not a minor issue”, ​​he added.

Likewise, the Secretary said that Minister Sergio Massa set himself the goal of reaching US$9 billion in exports from that sector in 2023 and, according to his gaze, “we are going to reach it”, Sujarchuk was confident, quoted by telam.


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