What “the red circle” does in the hectic summer of Punta del Este

There are places to show yourself and be seen, and there are the most discreet spaces. All geographies enable these options. And Punta del Este is no exception to that rule. Businessman mauricio filiberti he chose the second option to celebrate his 74 years. In La Juanita, there is La Olada, a restaurant that has been around seventeen years and its relaxed aesthetic, not at all bombastic and above all discreet, places it among those who want to share relaxed moments. And good food by the way. And that was the place where Mauricio Filiberti summoned his guests for this birthday. For most, Filiberti is the “king of chlorine” since he owns Transclor; for others –in addition– one of the owners of Edenor together with José Luis Manzano and Daniel Vila; and for whom, as first readings, the frivolous sections, the millionaire who lent him the facilities of a yacht –which has already been sold– for Juana Viale to spend a few days in the Mediterranean when the end of the Covid quarantine was a long way off in Argentina.

La Ola, the discreet restaurant where Mauricio Filiberti celebrated his birthday.

The three options described by Mauricio Filiberti. Also, due to the summons to his recent birthday celebration in Punta del Este, the power he wields. In addition to his partner José Luis Manzano, La Olada filled –more enlightened than usual and with professional custody security–, José Urtubey, Juan Nápoli, Sebastián Bagó (father and son), Gabriel Martino, Luis Galli, Damián Pozzoli, Cristiano Rattazzi , Martín Cabrales, Facundo Prado, Miguel Sulichin and the economist who changes his shirt according to the wind that blows, Martín Redrado. Also Federico Salvai and Carolina Stanley, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, Alejandro Gravier, Pappo Rocca, Nacho Viale and the ophthalmologists Roberto and Roger Zaldívar, Marcela Tinayre, Zulemita Menem, Valeria Mazza, and Jimena López, the executive director of Help Argentina, among others. . Daniel Vila, Filiberti’s partner in Edenor, did not participate because he is not in Punta del Este.

Daniel Hadad and Jorge Lanata, under one roof

Both media men have a house in Punta del Este but on New Year’s Eve they were found under one roof but on someone else’s property. Daniel Hadad and Jorge Lanata were on December 31 with the large family that Marcelo Figueiras has. This businessman knows Lanata because thanks to him he did, perhaps, what was the worst deal of his life: he invested in Crítica de la Argentina, the newspaper that left a bitter memory in many journalists who enthusiastically embarked on that ship.

Businessman with house under construction in José Ignacio

Although the work is progressing, it still does not have a completion date, much less an inauguration date, the house that is being built eduardo costantini in Jose Ignacio. The location gives you a panoramic view of the sea and the outline of La Barra and even the Peninsula. Those who know the famous house – with a large natural rock adapted to the decoration – by the architect Carlos Libedinsky can get an idea because the lot that Costantini bought for a new property is adjacent to his.

Judicial operator and senate with house finished in “club de mar”

Who already finished the work of a house of comfortable dimensions in Jose Torello. Mauricio Macri’s childhood friend and member of the judiciary during the Macrista administration, was one of the Argentines who had chosen Uruguayan soil to live after going through the public service but when in 2021 Esteban Bullrich had to leave his bank at the Senate, his phone rang and Torello donned his humanity and replacement jacket. The property in question is in one of the oldest gated communities in José Ignacio, the “club de mar” Santa María de los Médanos. That judicial table was made up of the fugitive from Justice Pepín Rodríguez Simón, alias Fantomas: Punta del Este is full of former colleagues of this character but no one saw him or met him.

Two birthdays that will prolong the summer in Punta del Este

Two big birthdays are on the agenda for Punta del Este in February. one is from Alejandro Romers who always celebrates them. This time, it will be at his house and divided in two so that all his guests can participate in one or both festivities: there will be a nocturnal one, and the next day, an extended lunch. The other is that of the wife of a very powerful businessman who changes the decade and plans to welcome that new digit in a big way.

An Argentine was “crossed” against Elon Musk

the Argentine businessman Martin Varsavky I used to have more than one house in a “sea club” in José Ignacio. In that private neighborhood, he received journalists – or saw guests – in one of them, while the entrance to the one he occupied with his family was restricted to maintain his privacy. This summer, for now, he did not see Varsavsky. Yes on Twitter where he became a crusader against Elon Musk. Three weeks ago he said that He sold his shares in Tesla disappointed” to see in the person who was becoming the richest man in the world. Now Varsavsky continued on the subject: “When I shared this message (his share sale of him) Tesla shares were worth $162. Now $110. Tesla is a great company but the market saw erratic behavior and inattention from its leader (Musk).

The red son that unites Qatar, Puta del Este and Argentina

Qatar was not always close to Argentina, until the World Cup that consecrated the National Team. His emir with an impossible name passed through Punta del Este and he did not need to Gaston Gaudio He will take you to La Huella for lunch to start the binational tour with your binational employer and say “Look who I came with”; They saw with finding out who the two yachts anchored in front of Gorriti Island were. Side Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. From there he went through Buenos Aires and finally Villa La Angostura to meet with Mauricio Macri. The politician who continues to be so “seduced” by the Qatari emir and above all the absence of unions that, in his staunch defense of the “Qatar model”, forgets that his eldest daughter Agustina Macri could not live as she wanted in that country and if dared to “flaunt” his sexual choice, his only option would be exile to avoid ending up in jail. For Macri, business is business, affections are on another level.

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