What day and what time will the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus be seen from Argentina?

In the early this Wednesday March 2the skies will offer one of the most beautiful astronomical shows that will take place throughout this year when the planets Jupiter and Venus come together.

Although this phenomenon began several days ago, its climax will occur when Jupiter (magnitude -2.1), meets Venus (magnitude -4) in the constellation Pisces at a distance of 29′ 24″.

In this way, pointing from the site weatheredin the specific case of the Argentinathis great astronomical spectacle between the two brightest planets in the solar system will reach its climax at exactly 01:15 hours of our country.

In this precise momentJupiter and Venus They will be separated by an angular distance of 30º, which is equivalent to the space that the raised thumb occupies in front of the face with the outstretched arm.

While, for his part, the moon will be placed between both planetswhat will make it look like a more ashy color due to light reflected from the Earth.

Venus, the planet that represents the goddess of love, is very bright because it is always cloudy. Sometimes we can observe its ‘day side’ and sometimes its ‘night side’, which causes variations in its brightness”, he explained. Julieta Fierro Gossman, head of the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

“For his part, Jupiter is farther from Earth and the Sun, but it always sees its “day side” due to its large size.”, added the also astronomer, scientific disseminator and professor at the Science Faculty of the mentioned Mexican university.

2802_jupiter venus conjunction

Although the two planets are separated by more than 900 million kilometerseach on its own orbit, their conjunction will be a show that we cannot miss. Also, the volume of Jupiter is nearly 1,500 times that of Venus, which gives an idea of ​​how impactful this celestial event will be.

To fully enjoy this astral conjunction that will not be repeated until 2025although noto it is necessary to use binoculars or any special device, the best get away from the light pollution of big cities and heading west, where is the pisces constellationsince I eat there the stars around the planets are not very bright, they are very easy to distinguish with the naked eye. Also, Venus will shine much brighter than Jupiter.

To confirm your positionto the left of the conjunction, we will be able to observe the constellation of Pegasus, made up of a dozen very bright starsGossman concluded.