Unai Emery praised Dibu Martínez after obtaining The Best award

Emiliano Dibu Martinez lose to keep the award for the best goalkeeper in what was the delivery of the awards the besta ceremony, in which the best players of the 2022 season were recognized. After obtaining this important mention, Unai Emery, technician of astonville He returned to deliver statements referring to his goalkeeper, but this time, they were to praise his work.

“Emi is an example of self-improvement and has managed to reach the top with many difficulties, due to her effort and mentality. For Aston Villa, she is an example and a source of pride. He deserves this award and I hope he gets many trophies with us.” said.

Days ago, the villains’ strategy had been presented quite hasty due to Martínez’s mistakes during the match, in which his team lost to Arsenal.

In this way, the relationship between the goalkeeper and the coach shows a little improvement despite the constant rocks. On his return to England, Martínez is focused on the next challenge that will be next Saturday, March 4, in a day, in which he will receive the Crystal Palace team as a local.