Timerman and Malagoli launched a new campaign under the label of La Sastrería

under the International Day of Zero Discrimination, Raúl Timerman and Juan Malagoli They launched a public welfare campaign as a letter of introduction to society for their new brand, “the tailor shop”. The aforementioned campaign addresses a visible problem in political and media discourse and in society in general.

From a single image, the campaign translates into a clear message: “hate always ends in the worst place.” In this way, the authors of the piece manifest the importance of giving an account of the ways in which hate is spread today.

“Discrimination remains in force and is reproduced through messages and statements from certain political leaders, from “haters” hidden behind false profiles on social networks and from some media,” they stated. “That’s why they needed this first campaign to be a declaration of principles.”

Recognized for their experience in campaigns throughout the country, Raúl Timerman and Juan Malagoli created La Sastrería to provide a comprehensive look at current issues, bringing together the trajectory of South American Communications, The Publicity Agency, the Public Opinion Group and the digital agency WAO .

“Tailoring alludes to our way of working to measure. This implies an approach that considers the protagonist or the message within the national and international conjunctures, and in its different social, political and economic aspects. That is our style and from there our name”, they explained.

In this sense, they maintained that “to communicate there are no prefabricated solutions nor can recipes be repeated. We listen carefully, we research, we analyze and then we develop strategies that adapt to each need. We seek to compose products that respond to the reality of each client”, she stated.

Raul Timerman

President of La Agencia Publicidad, founder of the Public Opinion Group, director of Comunicaciones Sudamericanas SA and creator of the political lunches on Fridays at Pizza Piola, famous in the environment of political consulting and journalism.

He has a degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and has a recognized career in the academic field.

Juan Carlos Malagoli

President of Comunicaciones Sudamericanas SA and vice president of La Agencia Publicidad. Throughout his professional experience, he has served as director of the advertising agency Capurro & Asociados, deputy general manager of the newspaper La Razón, and financial manager of the metallurgical company Conarco.

This varied professional path contributed to forging his ability to integrate and lead work teams within the business, sports and communication fields.

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