The story of Dadatina, the skincare influencer

daniel lopez He is a person who, judging by his punctuality, neatness and meticulousness, you can understand the secret of his success: the perseverance and passion with which he does things. The 34-year-old is known on the networks as “Dadatina”, a nickname that arose because her brother did not say her name. On her Instagram account @soydadatina, she has 637 thousand followers and on her YouTube channel 123,000 subscribers and today she is one of the most recognized skincare influencers.

His popularity began in 2020, when he made a thread on Twitter recommending skin care products without spending a fortune. Her post went viral and people, fascinated, asked for more. She made the jump to the camera’s social network and her fledgling career continued to rise. For just that post she gained 10 thousand followers.

“At the time my thread went viral, I was not a professional cosmetologist, I was an amateur. I I have a degree in Surgical Instrumentation specialized in orthopedics and traumatology, so nothing to see. Yes, having done research work helped me a lot, knowing how to investigate but I was super-amateur, but as the account grew, I took the course and in March I was already a cosmetologist,” explains López from the editorial office of PROFIL.

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Dada found in one of her hobbies what is currently her main source of income. In fact, when asked about the post that made her popular on the networks, she comments that she was born out of her own interest in sharing things: “I always like to share, I don’t know, the cafeterias I go to, I liked sharing my experience doing exercise”.

The beginnings of Dadatina

I had nothing to start with. We were doing home office with my husband due to the quarantine in two rooms and what I did was stack books to make a kind of tripod and rest the cell phone on other books and I started recording like that. In fact, the first video of the ‘My favorites of the year’ video series is recorded like this, with a strap to hold the cell phone because it fell forward, without a microphone, without any ring of light. That was the first set up”, Daniela is honest, realizing that you don’t need to have great elements to be able to start recording videos for YouTube.

López, before dedicating himself to skincare, worked in a dependency relationship and assures that “taking the leap” to go off on his own was “terrible”: “I had a goal with my husband, which was that if I reached 10 thousand followers for the month December resigned. He supported me a lot and helped me make the leap.. I really couldn’t work 9 more hours on this, it was impossible, it’s a lot of work to create content.”

“Currently I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the office. There we have days of recording, research, script creation, events (there are a lot), days of correction, editing and publication. It is from Monday to Friday and I have two employees under a dependency relationship. I always end up doing something on Saturdays and Sundays as well,” he says about his daily routine.

Dadatina is a surgical instrumentalist and professional cosmetologist

Dadatina’s tips for skin care

But creating content is not an easy task since many times the ideas to generate it are not abundant, however, Dada finds inspiration after watching YouTube, TikToks and “I write everything down in my notes application. Sometimes I’m walking down the street and he says ‘I have to do a reel of this’ and I write it down“.

routines for all

The key to being successful today was to fairly share skincare routines that were accessible to everyone, without spending too much money. “There was a climate on Twitter and in the networks in general that ‘you can only take care of your skin if you have money’, because many influencers or celebrities were seen uploading imported products that were not available, that were not even sold here. There were discontent and I said ‘hey, you can take care of your skin because I learned from my experience’. So based on my experience, I will tell you about the qualities of the products that I like, which can form a good skin routine.“, comments the instagramer. And adds: “I did not imagine at all that two and a half years later it would be my profession“.

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Many people suffer from rosacea, like Dadatina, who for this reason consulted a dermatologist who gave her products to take care of herself, but “they told me ‘that’s it, that’s it. You can’t do anything else because you have rosacea and you’re allergic to everything’ “. The businesswoman did not sit idly by: “I said ‘it can’t be’, so I started looking and found a lot of information on Reddit, on Facebook, on YouTube, from influencers that I followed and many dermatologists from the United States who give their information on YouTube. There I began to understand everything from there and my idea was to go ashore, to Spanish and with what we would use available in the country the same as they said, but adapted to our market and what we can buy“.

daniela lopez 20221227

In Argentina there was no one who talked about skincare from the focus that I did, which is from the side that is accessible, economical and national.. Yes, there were people who reviewed products and who continue to do so today,” he says. Along these lines, he clarifies: “The national industry looked very bad a few years ago. From the prejudice that if it was national it was bad. The reality is that being a surgical instrumentalist and knowing and working with national and imported traumatology implants, I knew that I used good laboratories and good factories in Argentina, so why not also skin care? I set out to prove what I could afford and what alternatives there were, and I found laboratories that I work with today. Today there is much less prejudice from the national industry“.

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Daniela’s academic background ended up helping her in what is currently her profession because, if she had not been trained as a surgical instrumentalist, it would have been difficult for her to learn many things related to health. “I learned a lot about how to work in health, about sterile procedures, about factories, about national supplies. Surgical instrumentation continues to help me a lot even though I’m not practicing,” she opens up.

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real furs

Dadatina launched her first book last year, entitled “Real Skins”, and intends to release a new one: “Real Skins is the ABC of skincare, which in fact is a talk that I give together with another cosmetologist. The idea is grounding the difficult concepts and changing that misconception that it is difficult to take care of your skin. I would love to put out another book that is an advanced guide, but right now I don’t have time and it also requires a lot of publishing budget. I would love to be able to put out one that is up to date level of those who are now in the world”.

And he clarifies: “This book would already be for someone who does the routine every day and wants to investigate combining assets, aesthetic treatments and more complex things.”

Regarding what’s to come, the youtuber confesses that she will launch thermal protectors for hair and that many of her products arise from brainstorming. “They are unplanned releases in the escalation of time but that arise out of necessity. This is how the anti-friction stick was born, because my thighs rubbed against me and bothered me. Today it is one of the favorite products of my followers. The same happens with the hair protector, all the products I had I didn’t like and I iron my hair a lot, so it came from that.”

Very recently, he started reviewing perfumes. “I love them, I collect them and I’ve been working on something like that since September of last year, so I said ‘why don’t I put my feet in this?’ I did two perfumery courses (I didn’t tell anyone I did them ) and it’s something I love, I find it very entertaining and it reminds me a lot of coffee, wine and music. I can only tell you that what I’m working on has to do with YouTube and products for my line“, closes exclusively for PROFILE.

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