The results of the Elections in Jujuy: the radical Carlos Sadir won with almost 50% of the votes

He candidate for governor of Jujuy for the pro-government Front Cambia Jujuy, Carlos SadirDolphin of Gerardo Morales, he widely won the elections and became the successor of the president of the Radical Civic Union, which is preparing its presidential candidacy.

According to the provisional scrutiny, Sadir (current Treasury and Finance Minister of the Morales Government) prevailed with the 49.21% of the votesfollowed by Rubén Rivarola of the Justicialista Party with 21.18% and very close completed the podium Alejandro Vilca from the Left Front with 13.71%.

In fourth place was John Cardozo (Unidad for Jujuy) with 6.96 percent, followed by cecilia casasco (Vía + Libertarios) with 3.35 percent, Rodolfo Tecchi (Jujuy Front has a Future) with 3.19 percent, jose chocobar (Libres del Sur) with 1.49 percent, and Inaki Aldasoro (Labor Policy) with 0.92 percent.

The results of the Elections in La Rioja: with 22% counted, Quintela prevails with an advantage of 14%

With this victory, Morales consolidates his provincial leadership and seeks to strengthen his presidential candidacy for radicalism.

Alberto Fernández congratulated Sadir

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, He congratulated the governor-elect of Jujuy Carlos Sadir after his victory. He did so after greeting Governor Ricardo Quintela, who won in La Rioja, and Hugo Passalacqua, who won in Misiones.

I also congratulate Carlos Sadir and Hugo Passalacqua After their victories in Jujuy and Misiones respectively, I am sure that they will assume their responsibilities with great commitment and dedication. It has been a great day of democratic exercise in three provinces of Argentina“, he assured in his account Twitter.

Patricia Bullrich also celebrated Sadir’s triumph

Through her Twitter account, the president of the PRO on leave and presidential candidate, Patricia Bullrich, stated: “Congratulations Carlos Sadir on your victory! The people of Jujuy decided to continue with the change that Gerardo Morales began with courage, who did not hesitate to end the Milagro Sala mafia“.

“They are testimony of how Kirchnerism can be defeated. A big hug to the elected candidates of Together for Change, ”she added in his message.

Morales and Rodríguez Larreta celebrated the victory

The presidential candidate Gerardo Morales celebrated the triumph of Sadir, who became the elected governor of Jujuy. The current Minister of Finance of the province obtains close to 50% of the votes with just over 18% of the polling stations.

Thank you very much for the participation to all the jujeños“, expressed Morales from the bunker in the provincial capital. The PRO reference was also present with him, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaand Martin LousteauAlfredo Cornejo and Mario Negri, among other leaders of the UCR.

“I also want to thank Martin Lousteau, which is here Well, he is the one who is going to replace you, Horacio, God willing. He has been working very hard, ”added the president of the UCR.

“This is a triumph for work and a recognition of a very good management of Gerardo. I feel identified, I am passionate about management and solving people’s problems”, commented the head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Sadir was the last to speak and expressed: “Thanks to the people of Jujuy who went to vote for us. We will continue working to transform“.

slow data upload

The elections in Jujuy were carried out normally, on a day in which the 60% of the electoral roll He went to the polls to vote for a new governor, vice president, 24 provincial deputies, 28 mayors, councilors, members of municipal commissions and 48 constituents.

20230425 Gerardo Morales and Carlos Sadir, candidate for governor of Jujuy.

Sources from the Provincial Electoral Tribunal indicated that the concurrence of the people of Jujuy to the polls was in a framework of “normality, without major inconveniences.” However, at the time of data loading, there were a series of delays for the first results.

“The data load is advancing slowly, but we hope that as time passes the data will speed up,” the Electoral Secretary of Jujuy, corresponding to the press, Alexander Gluck.


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