The government denounces Marcelo D’Alessandro for “failure to fulfill the duties of a public official”

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, martin soriaannounced today that, at the direction of the President Alberto Fernandezfiled a criminal complaint in the Justice to “investigate” the Buenos Aires Minister of Security and Justice, Marcelo D’Alessandrocurrently on license, for the alleged crimes of “breach of duties of a public official, bribery and embezzlement.”

“At the direction of the President file a criminal complaint in the national justice system to investigate the Minister of Security and Justice of CABA, Marcelo D’Alessandro: the crimes of breach of duties of a public official, bribery and embezzlement, among others, are charged,” the Minister stated on his account on the social network Twitter, where replied a statement from the Ministry of Justice.

Soria reported that the complaint was filed with the corresponding prosecutor’s office, in which He asked that D’Alessandro hand over his cell phone to Justice, as well as all those who are related to the investigation.

D’Alessandro’s leaked chats: for the Minister of Justice “there is no doubt that they are true”

According to the statement, the complaint requires that the CABA Security Minister be “investigated” for “the possible commission of the crimes of breach of the duties of a public official, bribery, illicit enrichment, negotiations incompatible with the exercise of public function, embezzlement and illegal exactions“.

In this sense, Soria recalled that The chats also “involve” business contractors of the City Government, national prosecutors and the former deputy director of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) during the Government of Mauricio Macri, Silvia Majdalani.

“The promiscuity between sectors of political power, justice and business groups must be investigated in depth in order to guarantee full compliance with the Constitution and save our democratic institutions“said the minister.

The brief presented before the court states that, if the journalistic revelations are confirmed, it would demonstrate “a scandalous collusion between the City Government official, with senior judicial officials, former directors of the National State Intelligence Service and concessionaires of public services“yes to would be “incompatible with a rule of law“.

After the leak of chats, Marcelo D’Alessandro requested a license as Buenos Aires Minister of Security

For this reason, the complaint presented by Soria asks to investigate the alleged acts of corruption related to the tow truck service of the City of Buenos Aires operated by the company Dakota SA.

Likewise, from the National Government they denounced that “the alleged existence of a payment channel for returns and transactions”, which would be made up of D’Alessandro and Marcelo Violantecould reveal the reason for the decision of the City government not to update the amounts that the Dakota SA company had to pay for using the Buenos Aires public service“.

The complaint was filed after the leak in recent days of chats between the Buenos Aires minister and Silvio Roblesright hand of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, horace rosatiin which they combined tactics for the Buenos Aires Government to use before the highest court in the case for the distribution of partnership funds.


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