The FdT speeds up the final stretch of the accusation against the Court

After more than a dozen meetings of the Political Judgment Commission that is carrying out a process against the four members of the Supreme Court, the Frente de Todos began to diagram what the final stretch of the discussions in Deputies will be like.

It is that the electoral campaign is not usually a particularly productive stage in Congress, given the marked absence of a good part of the legislators who are distributed between Buenos Aires and the campaigns in the interior. Beyond the practical question, in the ruling party, also considering that enough material is already being collected to support the accusation against the courtiers, which in turn will serve as a strong campaign argument against the Judiciary.

With the postponed second visit of ex-administrator Daniel Marchi, on Tuesday the discussion chapter on the management of the judiciary’s social work would be closed and then the module that will analyze the decisions of Horacio Rosatti, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Carlos Rosenkrantz and Carlos Maqueda around the discussion on the removal of co-participation to the City of Buenos Aires. Here it is planned to have the voice of some figure of the Executive Power, probably the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, as well as representatives of the group of governors interested in increasing the co-participating mass, such as Jorge Capitanich from Chaco.

The last topic on the agenda is the summons of witnesses around the discussion on the Council of the Magistracy, after the declaration of unconstitutionality of the composition in December 2021 that led to a strong bid between the ruling party and the opposition for coverage. of places that corresponded to the political establishment and that have not yet been resolved.

Deputy Rodolfo Tailhade, one of the members of the commission with the greatest prominence during the meetings that take place on Tuesdays, maintained that “there is enough evidence to move forward with accusatory opinions.”

Tailhade, who in turn is a member of the Council of the Magistracy, also stressed that “little by little we are achieving the objective of installing the issue in society and that it knows how the highest court works.”

The opposition side has been repeating for several weeks the demand for the Frente de Todos to finally set a date to issue an opinion and remove from the parliamentary agenda an issue that, according to, hinders the rest of the conjuncture discussions that are more urgent. Mario Negri, one of the members of the commission and head of the UCR block, was one of those who asked the ruling party to speed up the dispatch of the commission, with the conviction that the FdT cannot gather the necessary majorities in any of the both precincts to move forward with the procedure.

Germán Martínez, head of the FdT bloc who also participates in the discussions, recorded with irony: “When we opened the investigation they said that this was a ‘fishing trip’ and now it is seen that there is a clear line of investigation that is being carried out our block.”

witnesses. For Tuesday, the legal secretary of the Supreme Court Santiago Clerici, the accountant Nicolás Serafini, the federal judge Martina Forns and again Daniel Marchi, an official of the Supreme Court who must complete his testimony, were summoned.

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