The cover of the PROFILE newspaper for Sunday, January 8, 2023

Below we offer a review of the main titles of the 1786 edition of the PERFIL newspaper, for this Sunday, January 8, 2023, an edition that, as usual, is accompanied by the “plus” of 9 supplements: The Observer, Culture, Sunday, D&D, Textum, Shows, Weekend. Joker plus Crossword and Economic Profile

The Frente de Todos seeks to wear down and fragment the Supreme Court. Even knowing that they do not give it the necessary votes in either of the two legislative chambers, the FdT will advance its plan “step by step” from the Impeachment Committee. He will try to expose the members of the country’s highest court, to condition them or to make them resign. In addition, move chips to take advantage of the internal ones among the magistrates. The Lorenzetti factor.

The head of the pro-government bench in Deputies wants the four judges of the Court to declare.

Together for Change prepares the counterattack. There will be a national table meeting to define strategies.

Sergio Massa explains his planes for 2023. Interviewed by Fontevecchia, the Minister of Economy bet on the affirmation and lowering inflation. He believes that it will grow and there will be more reserves.

punished field. In the face of the worst drought of the century, crop yields could fall by as much as 50% this year.

Baez Sosa crime. All the keys to understand in depth what the first week of the trial was like.

Medical tourism increases 25% annually.

How much do celebrities make in Punta del Este. There is a variety of rates: from dollars to exchanges.

Cecilia Roth and Dolores Fonzi shine in a new premiere.

On the return to European football: the world champions continue to be celebrated, now on the pitches.

Write in this issue:

Selva Almada, Nelson Castro, Duran Barba, Arrimada, Onaindia, Sinay, Argüello, Freidenberg, Laporte, Falcón, Bianco, Petrarca, Piro, Ferreira, Arabia, Toriz, Quintín, Tabarovsky, Melgar, Domínguez, L.Chemen, Márquez, Yepes , Arenas, Carretero, G.González, R.Loredo, Garabetyan, Galán, Colombo, Ise, G.Martínez, Kavanagh, Mozetic, Spillman, Ayerdi and Fontevecchia.

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