The anger continues: Deschamps targeted five starting players of the French team

The French disorder made an explosive statement against some of its leaders after losing the final of Qatar 2022 : “We weren’t up to it. I’m not going to attribute the problem to one player more than another. But in the starting lineup there were five players who weren’t up to the level for a match like that. We didn’t exist for an hour” Deschamps said.

Also Featured as Main Argument “rival quality”why “He put a lot of effort into the duels”.

When asked if there was “identified the causes” of that low level of five footballers spoke about physical issues, health (the French team was hit by the camel virus during the final instances of the tournament), but also on emotional situations. Some players were physically worse. Is it due to the virus? There is the accumulation of matches… And there is also the emotional aspect. For many of them, It was his first World Cup final. Is special. Those who have experienced it, if they have the opportunity to experience it again, will take it a little better, ”he explained in statements that he collected the parisian.


He reached the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that gives the French federation full confidence. DT was World Champion (2018), World Runner-up (2022), Nations League Champion (2021) and Euro Runner-up (2016). Now he is aiming for Euro 2024.

didier deschampswill lose in office for a while longer because the runner-up in the world with a view to the 2026 World Cup of that year in United States Mexico Y Canada. The contract extension, which expired last December, occurred after the final with a defeat against the Argentina in Qatar2022, a fall with many consequences for the national team, because the coach appeared and publicly criticized some footballers.