The 4 curious names that the asteroids have discovered by the International Astronomical Union

The International Astronomical Union I discovered four new asteroids that appeared in circulation in outer space, those that were classified under curious names corresponding to former ecclesiastical members of the Holy See at different times in history and were publicly made official by the institution through its official bulletin on February 7, 2023.

The decision-making body at the global level “baptized” the quartet of celestial bodies with the name of a former Vatican Pope Gregory XIII and three priests belonging to the Observatory of the Roman Catholic Church.

The former Pope of the Holy See, Gregory XIII

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This is the priest of Austrian origin, johann hagen who spent the period 1847-1930, who served as the first director of the new vatican observatory; the American chaplain and astronomer, bill stoeger and finally the Polish-born specialist in scientific software, Roberto Janusz.

“We touch all fields of astronomy, in the Observatory of the Holy Seethey range from cosmology to the study of dust in space, meteorites and asteroids”, explained the current director of the Vatican Observatory, Guy Consolmagno.

How many dangerous asteroids have been detected until 2023?

Until February 2023the astronomers have detected2,330 asteroids potentially dangerous, of which 151 are more than 1 kilometer in diameter. The orbits of these potential threats to planet Earth change due to the influence of gravity from the sun, planets, and other rocky bodies. Therefore, when alerted to the presence of this type of planetoid, scientists track it down and perform high-precision calculations. If a bolide is observed for ten years, its orbit can be calculated 200 years in advance.

What is the procedure for naming an asteroid?

The designation of the names of a asteroid it takes place through a procedure that, in some cases, according to specialists can last decades. When the discovery of a new minor planetit is given a provisional name based on the date it was split.

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Asteroids in outer space

Names of persons or events renowned primarily for political or military reasons may not be used until 100 years after the person’s death or the day the exploration was carried out. Therefore, the rights of classification of the asteroids they cannot be bought. If not the proposed pseudonyms, they are judged by a panel of fifteen professional astronomers worldwide with research interests related to rocky elements and comets.

Background of asteroids with religious names

Currently, More than 30 asteroids named after religious figures have been recorded Jesuits such as the following: Father Christopher Clavius ​​(20237 Clavius), Father Giovanni Batista Riccioli (Sea of ​​Tranquility), Richardboyle302849, Corbally 119248, Consolmagno 4597, Kikwaya 23443, and Macke 11266.

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Pastor Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya Elio has worked on the dust and light of shooting stars and meteorites that have reached Italy and other parts of planet Earth.


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