Tense crossing of a former Racing against a rival DT: He silenced him and they almost ended up in pineapples

Saints Lagoon I win 3 to 2 to puebla for the ninth date of Mexican soccer. But the news is not the victory of the verdiblancosbut the extra football chapter that starred the Argentine striker javier correa against the DT of the visiting team, eduardo maple.

It was running in the 96th minute of the game when the DT of Saints and his coaching staff decide to change to Belt. The ex Godoy Cross and center rosary He left the field of play walking near the bench of substitutes of the puebla and from the visitors this was taken as a provocation, which would have motivated the dispute between the striker and the coach maple.

After the match, Belt I face the microphones: “The Puebla coach has to shut his mouth a little bit and dedicate himself to training his players because it is the second time he has done the same to methe second time and I would like him to tell me up front everything he yelled at me, but since he doesn’t have balls he won’t tell me, but I would like to hear him tell me up front.”

At that precise moment, the striker divided into maple and they starred in the tense crossing in which, through the television images, they said everything about to exchange fist bumps.

Luckily, the discussion did not reach majors and some passers-by separated the two protagonists. However, mapleAs he passed near the microphones, he yelled at Belt that he was a “provocateur”.