Tagliafico counted a request from a player from Poland in the middle of the World Cup game in Qatar

Nicolás Tagliafico, some time ago he started broadcasting on Twitchafter the consecration of the Argentine national team in the World Cup in Qatar and his return to training Lyon Olympicsspoke to his followers and told an interesting detail about the match of the step before Poland.

After the first goal, the Poles did not want to play anymore. I remember that I entered in the 60th minute, at one point, as he could in Spanish, he told me: “don’t attack anymore“. Wave enough, I think that with the 2-0 they classified and they knew that Mexico I was winning,” he said.

And talking to his wife expensive calvagnithe footballer said: “Luckily I don’t score that goal that spiked it. Because I think that if I score that goal, Poland was left out and it changed everything.. Because Mexico played with France, they took it to France, a whole riot broke out and we didn’t come out champions (laughs)”.

Tagliafico’s sensations for being world champion

“I have the game saved in my head. I still haven’t fallen. We started to win the final in the Anthem. And that’s how it happened. The first half we played was crazy. In fact, 75 minutes were our. We all came out, but the tie came and, well, it’s football”, analyzed.

The final minutes of the match against France

“In the last minutes I was finished. I didn’t want to know anything. I remember that in the end Paulo (Dybala) came in for me. When I arrived to the bench, I remained seated, almost lying down. I was gone. Until I saw that they threw a high ball and that they were hand in hand with the Dibu. Don’t make me sick of fart. I thought this can’t be going’. No air was getting into my chest. The ball that Dibu saves is the World Cup, please. They were 123 minutes. It’s the World Cup. Awful. The crazy thing about it is that after that play we had a us”express.

“After Leo (Messi’s) penalty, who kicked it as if he were playing with Mateo in the garden, I closed my eyes and started to say a few words, which I’m going to keep. I started praying. I repeated them all the time and, although I heard the scream of my teammates and the people, I kept repeating them. From that moment I stopped seeing everything. When (France) missed the second penalty, I realized that it had to be ours. There was very little chance of that that won’t happen”, counted

“I feel that after the World Cup final there is no pressure that bothers us. It’s the best. If I Something else happens in the race, even in this way, it is not going to have the magnitude of that game. Crazy. I think it will happen to all of us who were in that final. It was from a movie”, closed.