Strong unions prepare for parity with three-figure orders

The Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (Faecys), the Banking Association, the Union of Civilian Employees of the Nation (UPCN) and the Association of State Workers (ATE) are some of the guilds that the 2023 season begins ready to close parity that they achieve beat the inflation rate. Or, at least, initial numbers that equal the price increase.

trade union

In Commerce, the union led by the historic Armando Cavalierithe largest in the country, are preparing to make contact with the business chambers next week, as PROFILE was able to learn, and discuss a salary increase for the quarter of January, February and March.

The figure to be discussed was not disclosed, but it is estimated that it will not differ from that agreed by unions such as the UOM, Uocra, Petroleros, Seguro or Camioneros, which ended by above 100%.

La Uocra, another union that closes parities above 100%

Commercial workers already obtained an 11% increase in November, out of a total of 59.5% since the beginning of the parity year, which in the case of the union extends from April 2022 to March 2023.


Another trade union group that must talk about salary increases for its bases, because its calendar starts in the first month of the year and ends in the last, is The bankwho drives serge palazzo, the national deputy for the Frente de Todos. The legislator, aligned with Kirchnerism, negotiates through dialogue but, with his firepower on his back, He will not hesitate to stop the banks if he notices intransigence on the other sideas it has already done.

For this negotiation, which will be the focus of the entire policy, Cristina Kirchner In case he praised what was signed by the leader in 2022, Palazzo will wait for the inflation rate for December. With that number in hand, they point from his side, he will meet with the groups that represent the executives of the sector during January. The precedent of the last agreement was positive: the bankers ended with an accumulated increase of more than 94% and a bonus of 185 thousand for Banking Day (November 6).

The agreement will meet a 94.1% annual increase, including all additionalTherefore, as of September 1, an improvement of 14% was incorporated into the salary, another 10% from October, the same in November and 9% in December, ”said the trade unionist about the understanding.

On Thursday the data of the next explosion in December will be known, key to the discussions.

state guilds

While the national states, represented by ATE, which leads Hugo “Cachorro” Godoyhead of the Autonomous CTA, and UPCN are also awaiting the call to exchange views on the progress of assets. andres rodriguezthe most representative face of UPCN and figure of the CGT, was optimistic and anticipated that at least, it will be signed with the UN Government salary increase of 90%in line with year-on-year inflation projected by private consultants.

“The parity began on June 1 and ends on May 31, 2023. We have closed 60% with 40% distributed throughout the year and 20% for 2023, but we have reviewed the September fines and advanced the quotas for 2023. In addition, we have agreed on a bonus of 30,000 pesos for all workers to alleviate the situation. In January, there is the new revision that will have another salary increase, to reach at least a 90% real increase”, graphed the experienced union boss.

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