Small-sided dollar: peculiar are the latest clarifications made by the FED regarding its value

Following each of the restrictions for small savers when buying dollars, appeared several years ago in a parallel market. Right there a debate was opened with the value of each dollar and the validity of each ticket.

It is that the small face dollars do not charge the same price as the large face dollars. These models change according to the year of issue and the presumed invalidity for use in other countries.

However, now the Federal Reserve of the United States raised its voice and ended the discussion. Through his Twitter account, he said that it is not necessary to trade in old model banknotes and that all US currency remains legal tender, regardless of its year of issue.

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They further added that the Fed’s policy is that tAll designs are legally valid for payments from 1914 to the present. This communication is essential because not only the situation is tense in Argentina but also in other countries.

For example, In Qatar, during the development of the World Cup, large-sided banknotes with the blue security band are accepted. published since 2013. Given the string of claims, the official information should settle any kind of crack.

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