Schiaretti: “I hope the percentage of voters is high”

Governor Juan Schiaretti said he expects the voting percentage to be High after casting his vote in the election for mayor of cordoba

The president highlighted the “teamwork” that allows the city, the province and the country to improve, while affirming that “When the mayor is chosen, the person who has the most direct contact with the neighbors is being chosen”.

He also stated the “joy that the right to vote is being exercised” and I asked “To all the inhabitants of the city of Córdoba who went to the polls en masse.”

“Let each one choose one he can at most suitable mayor for the next four years,” he said.

When asked about Juntos por el Cambio’s statement that citizen participation was not encouraged, Schiaretti replied: “I should not comment on political statements at this time”.

The governor went to vote with his traditional red jacket at the Domingo Savio school in the city of Córdoba. He also said that as a “kabbalah” he will eat Milanesas a la Neapolitan.