Scare in Monte Hermoso: they rescued two kayakers after 26 hours lost at sea

is it so brave the Buenos Aires waves in version 2023. In Pinamar a tourist from Rosario is still in intensive care who, precisely because of a huge wave, suffered a severe cervical trauma, which even compromised his spinal cord, and this Saturday in montehermosoTwo tourists from La Pampa went kayaking in the area known as ‘La Olla’, but they couldn’t cope with the wind and waves, getting lost offshore.

Obviously, as the hours passed, the desperation of relatives grew, who denounced the issue, and thus the Prefecture began to rake the area, in addition to notifying the boats that were in the area so that they would let them know if they saw Raúl. Alejandro Villegas (48) and Antonio Manuel Meza (31). Luckily, after 26 long lost hours, a fisherman found them safe and sound, with some sunburns, but in good general condition. He also participated in the search for rescue groups from the cities of Ingeniero White and Bahía Blanca.

One of the rescued kayakers, in the review of his state of health. He was just a big scare.

When they reached the coast again, Villegas and Meza underwent a general inspection and luckily everything ended only as an anecdote and a huge scare on this vacation. When they arrived at the west jetty, an ambulance and their distraught relatives were waiting for them, so it was all emotion and tears for the reunion.

The Prefecture appeared after the search obtained the “Ingeniero White” coast guard, a semi-rigid boat, several jet skis with rescue swimmers and also land resources. To complement all this operation, there is also a patrol plane. Monte Hermoso, like almost the entire Buenos Aires coast, began January with a notable influx of tourists.

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