Román celebrates: All the Boca titles in the Riquelme era

Boca Juniors shouted champion again. At the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero, “Xeneize” defeated Patronato 3-0 and he stayed with the Argentine Super Cup. The great figure of the match was Darío Benedetto, author of the hat-trick.

But, another key person in this new title, in addition to the players and the coaching staff, is Juan roman riquelme.

At the end of 2019, the idol xeneize participated in the presidential elections of Boca Juniors in a block together with Jorge Amor Ameal. After the victory in the voting, the idol fully immersed himself in the club’s football and took charge of the area.

Riquelme set up the Football Councilmade up of former multi-champion players of the institution, and together with them they worked throughout this time to assemble the squad to their liking and bet on a team that can fight for all the tournaments. Since then, he has reaped several important achievements. Below is a review of each of them.

All Boca titles in the Riquelme era

– Super League 2019-2020

– Diego Maradona Cup 2020

– Argentine Cup 2020/2021

– Professional League Cup 2022

– Professional League 2022

– Argentine Super Cup 2022