PAMI: how to order free medicines by WhatsApp

He Comprehensive Medical Assistance Program (PAMI) allows a retirees and pensioners carry out its management WhatsApp.

This policy seeks facilitate access to benefits and guarantee proper attention to all its adherents.

Attention retirees and pensioners: What changes after the elimination of the Life Certificate?

Attention to retirees and pensioners PAMI

Step by step: How to use PAMI’s WhatsApp to request free medicines.

He attention service WhatsApp is systematized by a bot that responds free frequent consultations. This system is called PAME and clear up any doubts 24 hours a day all year round.

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Attention retirees and pensioners PAMI

Next, the step by step to know how to get free medicines by WhatsApp:

  1. Step 1: schedule the telephone number 1143703138 on our cell phone with the name “PAMI” or any name with which we can identify it.
  2. Step 2: Search WhatsApp for the name with which we schedule it and open the chat.
  3. Step 3: Write in the chat to start the conversation.
  4. Step 4: Answer if you are a member of PAMI or if you are helping someone who is a member.
  5. Step 5: A list of options will be displayed, among which you must select the third which is “free drugs”.
  6. Step 6: The service will give you the possibility of implementing two linked procedures. These are: ask for them or make a claim.

In the case of selecting the option to obtain the medication, it will show you what simple steps you must take to obtain them for free.

If you want to claim, the system will ask for your affiliate number to continue the process.

PAMI: all the procedures that retirees and pensioners can carry out by WhatsApp

Medications will be converted capped below inflation for 60 days

What is PAMI drug coverage?

This program consists of a free list of 3,700 essential medicines.

These are constantly reviewed, supervised and evaluated by experts to be thought based on the most frequent pathologies in older adults.

PAMI: how to request a home caregiver

For this, methodical criteria of opportunity, use, rationality and effectiveness are applied. These medicines they find each other approved by the World Health Organization and international and national scientific organizations.