Massa in La Rural: What was the impact of your speech on the markets?

The economy minister and presidential candidate sergio masa gave a speech at the exposure rural which is celebrated in palermo. The rest of the main candidates for president of the country were also part of the event.

In this context, we communicate with Ariel Macieljournalist specialized in economics from Perfil, who spoke about the country’s political and economic news.

Act in La Rural

“A cycle of candidates who went through the expo of the Argentine Rural Society ended”said Maciel, who later completed: “Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Horacio Larreta and Patricia Bullrich were present at the event.”

“The discussion was focused on taxes and new government measures related to the countryside and regional economies,” explained the interviewee. “There was applause for those who promised an immediate drop in withholdings”, he complemented.

Along the same lines, the journalist said that the candidates talked about their main campaign proposals. “Since 2003, no candidate from the ruling party has passed through La Rural”explained.

Kirchnerism, Sergio Massa and the dollar

Regarding an eventual conditioning of Kirchnerism on Sergio Massa, Maciel said: “Massa assured that he was going to be pragmatic and that he was going to seek consensus, leaving confrontation aside”.

“Sergio Massa left a speech that thanked the rural sector”, shot the interviewee. “In the Government, he believes that the financial situation is going to improve but that the blue is going to skyrocket due to the elections,” he completed.

Then, Maciel assured that it is necessary to analyze what happens with the financial dollars. “Either the blue stays high and the financiers accompany it or the blue goes down and aligns with them”explained.

Finally, the journalist said that the management of the campaign must be separated: “There is already a ban in which officials cannot campaign with the management “. “The country is going through a process in which some 1.5 billion dollars are requested from the market prior to the PASO,” he concluded.