Mass blackout: the state of the AMBA trains and the Buenos Aires subway

The services of the Subway of Buenos Aires and Argentine Trains suffered delays due to the massive blackout that affected half the country. In that, the state railway operator Trenes Argentinos confirmed that the power outages that appear in different parts of the country conditioned the operation of the trains and they await the restitution of the service to begin the normalization of their frequencies.

Massive power outage due to failures in the Atucha I power plant affects the AMBA and the center of the country

The widespread blackout occurred in the middle of rush hour, which affected people who use public transport to return home. The main train, subway and pre-metro lines in the city of Buenos Aires had delays and limitations on circulation as a result of the massive power outage that affected AMBA and several provinces of the country.

After detecting a fire that disturbed a 500 kw high voltage line that connects Campana with General Rodríguez, the protections of the electrical system worked, for which reason a blackout was used. In that context, the Atucha I nuclear power plant stopped working.

The lack of light affects several provinces, in addition to the region of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. Given this scenario, the seven trains and subways are affected in their service. Added to this, the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport was also affected.

How the subways of the City of Buenos Aires work

Poor me 19 hoursthe lines A, B, C and D of subways are maintained with delays.

The service of the E line it is limited between Av. La Plata and Retiro stations (without stopping at Jujuy station).

The H linemeanwhile, it is also interrupted.

Lastly, the premeter register a limited service between the stations Intendente Saguier and Centro Cívico.

Mass blackout due to failures in Atucha I: where are the cuts and when the service returns

How intercity trains work

For its part, regarding the train service in the AMBA, the Rock Line It was the most affected and was interrupted in its five branches. However, it restored its services with delays and cancellations after a power failure.

The San Martin Linemeanwhile, it encounters delays and cancellations.

The Miter LineMeanwhile, it works with delays and cancellations.

He sarmiento train registers voltage problems that cause the units to circulate with low speed. Also, it works with delays and cancellations.

The belgrano line South works with delays. The cut also affects the signaling and barrier system, which means that all circulate with caution.


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