Larreta’s fight: the growing and hateful dispute with Mauricio Macri

Final player of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, promise not to repeat aesthetic journeys with flowers and vegetables on his head, caps and different headdresses, as if he were the Austrian Emperor Rudolf II painted by the daring Italian Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Discussion at the Uspallata headquarters for that summer and humanist tour that culminated in a presidential launch that met with more disapproval than sympathy in the public of Cambiemos to which likes were requested (9,000, in total). And not to mention those who expressed their opinion on the spot itself, 16 thousand against. A trifle, of course, for the million voters who hope to captivate the mayor. They have questioned the advisers who have artificially coachedque made it impersonalalmost without previous identity, with the imposted biology of that De la Rúa who liked to “give good news” on TV.

Just when the head of government has changed his mood and, now, it is even serene to return home, as Elisa Carrió explained to an interlocutor. He is no longer embittered by his wife’s reproaches —like so many people—, he turned to a cuddly partner, Maylin, who has encouraged him since they settled in together. Younger, obviously.

Was unfortunate deficit in the advertising credit of Rodríguez Larreta, not exactly cheap, and that includes hilarious photographs to become popular: he could even have copied Eduardo Duhalde in a celebration with a demijohn on his head, in Menem’s time, cover after Noticias magazine. Fame at any cost. It is known that he will not repeat those adventures that have given him little benefit in the polls, although he keeps his hired and own personnel unchanged. No section for not knowing geography or understanding the significance of a lighthouse in the spot, nor for having to explain the message: if it is necessary to do this task, it is because it is poorly done.

“Be careful, Cristina wins”: the alarmist electoral warning for Macri

His fight is different: the growing and hateful strife with Mauricio Macri, who thrashes him by encouraging other candidates. For example, a patricia bullrich, to which in confidence he already turned two applicants for ministers in the event that she won the final. And she, surely, she will try to put the one who follows him like a shadow in the future, although he speaks, the former official William Dietrich. Night and day, like prayer.

With the mayor, in any case, they talk about an accusation by the engineer: “The product that you offer lacks a market, it is not true that the crack only entertains the minimum. That way nobody buys you”, he would have observed, it seems impossible —according to him— to deal with the primitives who insult or sing the march in the middle of a legislative debate (like the pro-government supporters this week in the case of the moratorium). The mayor, on the other hand, a shepherd: he presumes on the need to disagree, make the adversary understand and, in any case, allow the blind and fanatics to be canceled or isolated. Two positions, like the two Spains, which ended in civil war.

Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

If one looks underwater, one assumes that others interests separate these two men from the PRO. One and main: the conservation of the city as the party’s own territory, Macri promoting as the only way out his cousin george and Rodríguez Larreta without being fully convinced despite having him in the cabinet. It doesn’t put energy either Quirós as alternative.

He knows that his administration has begun to be criticized not only from the Fernández government and that the ex-President is enraged by the concessions granted to Martin Lousteauthe radical who would not like to meet again even on the street (as if the appointment of ambassador to the USA, at the time, had not been signed by him).

The flutist Mauricio Macri makes the entire PRO dance and seduce with his music

If Horace meets with lopez murphyAfter a while Macri receives him. If Macri meets manes —“I would ask you to say in public what you tell me in private,” he told him when the doctor had recognized good government management—, Horacio immediately summoned him. Maybe they are coincidences. The meeting with Rodríguez Larreta allows the memory of a hilarious dinner between the two at Manes’s house that would deserve journalistic attention on another occasion, due to the chronicler.

Macri has been upset with López Murphy because he is running for mayor in the Capital, a territory that he considers deeded by the Pro (“I have no money to campaign in 24 jurisdictions and 300 large cities,” confesses the economist) and in which he does not he wants divisive interferences. He thinks contrary to Rodríguez Larreta that he supposes more power in Buenos Aires the more plots appear. Instead, Regrets that López Murphy has deserted the internal presidential candidacy, understands that it could snatch adhesions to Bullrich. It is not necessary then to have bionic eyes to warn the interests of the two gyrfalcons of Cambiemos.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich.

They are divided by another person: Javier Milei. Mauricio often writes to the new star in the polls and he hates Horacio, whom he loads with countless miserable things. It is difficult for them to ever reconcile, a complication for the mayor’s candidacy, who will no longer be able to say, as in other elections: “You have no alternative but to vote for me, whether you like it or not.”

Another issue is santilli, who makes personal propaganda posters, except for others in which he is accompanied by Rodríguez Larreta because they are paid for by the Buenos Aires municipality. They fear, perhaps, that there will be a legal action against the Buenos Aires candidate as a result of wiretapping in which they attribute responsibility to him. The world of persecuting others also offers another curiosity: despite the fact that the capital’s government said that Marcelo D’Alessandro was going to return to his position in Security, time has already expired and his future fate is unknown. Unless he remains intoxicated in his office, which he visits frequently.

The summer reading of the PRO: the love misadventures of Mario Vargas Llosa

Other bifurcation between Macri and Rodríguez Larreta is Sergio Massa, whom the mayor presented in the same mud as “Alberto and Cristina” Fernández, an unusual phrase for those who recall the friendship that the two have managed to have for years. Part of the whorehouse of politics, despite the fact that the Minister of Economy referred to Horacio has not yet been heard. Inflation doesn’t let you think. At the same time, Macri hates MassaAlthough we were once together He objects to his economic policy and begs that his management be blown up so that the debris appears before Cambiemos arrives to the government. If arrives. It seems that it is not going to be giventhat the financial system —banks and insurance companies— accompanies for a few months the person temporarily chosen by Cristina as a substitute for Alberto, even to alleviate the terrible debt of the Leliqs.

Sorry, the chronicler forgot to mention another endorsement, increasingly notorious in favor of Massa’s continuity: the International Monetary Fund, which is distracted from Argentina’s breaches, which does not even respect its own Constitution. But, the important thing is to collect, as all religions pray, even when a nickname for that body that a veteran economist began to spread is beginning to spread. They call the IMF Kicillof. He allows passing without taking an exam, as the governor proposed in the province of Buenos Aires. And to think that Máximo and Cristina often repeat themselves in denigrating the organism that allows them to survive.

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