Larreta supported Bullrich after the accusation of Cristina Kirchner: “Enough of the conspiracy theories”

Despite the inmate who confronts him with Patricia Bullrich, the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta supported the former Security Minister on Tuesday. It was after the statement of a witness linked her to the erasure of evidence in the framework of the case for the attack on the vice president Cristina Kirchner.

During the inauguration of the Illia highway without barriersthe Buenos Aires leader asked to stop “this type of abuse” and said that Politics should not be measured in matters that Justice should investigate.

Enough in Argentina of conspiracy theories, of this type of suspicion. Let Justice investigate thoroughly, politics does not have to get involved in judicial investigations,” Larreta said on Tuesday during a press conference held on the highway’s layout.

Who is Ivana Bohdziewicz, the former adviser to Milman who involved Patricia Bullrich

The official insisted on his position. “If there is something to investigate, let Justice investigate, but let’s not get into these conspiracy theoriesin affirming and in this of blaming the other ”, he opined.

Larreta defended Bullrich against the pro-government accusations.

The statements by the Buenos Aires head of government came after Vice President Cristina Kirchner, President Alberto Fernández and various officials and leaders of the front of all They will target the now ex-president of PRO.

The accusation against Bullrich

It happens that last Friday he appeared in the courts of Commodore Py the former adviser Ivana Bohdziewicz, who recounted that some time ago he was taken to the Bullrich offices where the national deputy Gerardo Milman was together with an expert who erased his cell phone.

Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Martín Soria said that Patricia Bullrich “collaborated to erase evidence” and pointed to the judge

That was before being called to testify in the framework of the case for the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner. The woman who implicated the former Security Minister and current candidate for president for the opposition space was one of those who was with Milman at the Casablanca bar when a witness heard him say that “When they kill her I’ll be on my way to the coast.”

Larreta’s statements, meanwhile, came after the president and the vice president spoke, both in the same sense: in different statements made to Bullrich. “They no longer know what to invent in the face of the total and utter failure of their pathetic co-government. With me, on December 10, Kirchnerism ends“, Bullrich wrote on his Twitter in the last hours, when responding to the accusations.

Cristina Kirchner targeted Patricia Bullrich for the assassination attempt

“We went to Av. De Mayo 953, patricia bullrich office, if I’m not mistaken. We got there, there was no one, there was only Milman with the expert, whose name I don’t remember, but he was dark-haired, big, about 60 years old, dressed in civilian clothes, I don’t remember if he was with a cane. There was no one else. Being there, at that moment, We found out from Milman, I don’t know if lawyers or what, that they had requested the kidnapping of our cell phones. He never said who beat him to it”It was the fragment of Bohdziewicz’s statement before the prosecutor Alejandra Mángano that set off the alarms in the PRO.

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