Kempes joined the controversy and responded to De Paul: “You have to have your feet on the ground”

rodrigo de paul sparked controversy after revealing that for him The current Argentine National Team is the best in the history of our country and former players from the albiceleste came to the crossroads.

In this opportunity, mario alberto kempesfigure of the 78 World Cup’, echoed the statements of the Atlético de Madrid player and exposed his response through social networks.

In an Instagram post by way of response, The matador wrote: “After the declarations of a world champion referring to the fact that the Qatar 2022 champion team is the best of all time, Right now it is, but they must not forget that at the time the 78 was champion and the best, and the 86 at the time was also the best“, he released in his publication.

To finish, and without saving anything, he threw a stick for the Colchonero midfielder: “And one more thing, you have to keep your feet on the ground and respect all of us who wear the Argentina shirt.”

De Paul’s statements that sparked the controversy

In dialogue with TyC Sports, Rodrigo De Paul declared: “I think we ended up making, forgive me all, the best National Team our country had. I’m not saying it from the ego, far from it.”

“I think the National Team had better players than those who make up this one, but As a team we beat all the current champions there were: the last American champion (Brazil), the last European champion (Italy) and the last world champion (France).“, based the flyer.