Jorge Giaccobe: “Everyone cackles but they are within the system, even Milei”

The social communicator Jorge Giaccobe maintains that sadness is the predominant feeling in Argentines, and that is why, despite not being satisfied with the situation, they do not mobilize. “When Alberto Fernández was going to be president, the word that people chose was hope”said in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

According to a survey carried out by your consultant, sadness is the emotion that predominates among Argentines in the face of the current social and political situation, is it so?

At least since May of last year.

We start from a question that is open, that is, we give people a blank sheet, they write what they want and I no suggestions. Always, of the spontaneity pure, a word arises that is’sadness‘.

It is an emotion that has been crystallizing, that the political system tries to stimulate one way and the other and it is the same as kicking a dead horse, they cannot move it from its place.

What happened the assassination of Cristina Kirchnerhe world obtained, the rise and fall of the inflation and the dollar, are events that do not move to the public opinion.

When we found this information for the first time, we began to look for it, because they asked us the question of why people did not take to the streets to protest. Of the basic emotions, the happiness and the anger leads to physical behavior, on the other hand, sadness does not. Argentina has a place for each of these: the obelisk for joy and May Plaza for the anger the sadness does not have any placesince it irons you to where you are.

Survey: the leaders with the best image are Bullrich, Milei and CFK

Does that poise have to do with resignation? With the awareness that things are not going to change, vote for whoever you vote for?

I am going to ask you a question that we still do not have a result, but to leave the question.

We can be in front of a society that is more mature, that understands that it votes and then it has to bank the contract that it used even if the results are bad. That we cannot go out on the streets, demand the departure of a politician and break contracts. That would be a gesture of maturity.

Scam Mauricio Macri That happened and with Cristina in her last term as well.

Or we can be facing a society that is apatheticthat nothing matters to him anymore and he doesn’t react to anything.

Either we are facing a society that waits for the next elections, endures the mess it made, waits for the next elections and changes there, or we are in a society that is not interested in anything.

I think that we will be able to verify it with the voter rate of the next election. If more than 80% vote, it means that we are facing a society that waited for the right moment for change with the institutional tool that is the vote.

If we have a very high absenteeism rate, then we are facing a weak society.

Alexander Gomel (AG): From May onwards, does any other “strength word” appear like now sadness?

To be honest, it’s the first time we asked that question.

The government of Alberto Fernandez you tell the population one emotional roller coaster very big We know that when Alberto Fernández was going to be president the word that people chose was hope.

He got 48% of the votes, then at the beginning of the pandemic went to 68% positive image, there they were in the euphoriaafter that came the anger and, later, the sadness.

AG: Does this have anything to do with the irruption of options outside the system or extreme right like Javier miley?

Outside the system I see nothing. everyone cackles but they are in the systemeven Miley.

I think so. What we have in the electoral offer is a symptom of what is happening to us. A part of the population is with a disgust with the political class, then he likes the speech of ‘I come with a can of gasoline to set them all on fire’.

Beyond the anger that this content expresses, you have to try to understand the behavior. The political class turned a country of 75% middle class into one that is 50% poor, and this at the same time that China took 400 million people out of the poverty and placed them in the middle class.

You have tougher options within the main fight choice and that explains the growth of BullrichFor example.

Bullrich prepares an event in Lanús and focuses his Buenos Aires campaign on security

andrea biso: You said that if the voter turnout is 80% or more, that expresses a trait of maturity. If this does not occur, it would express that society is in a state of apathy. What one sees in recent years is that many people packed their bags and, just as it came to our grandparents, today there are people who are leaving the country.

Yes, and there are many people who cannot leave and will have to stay.

In the 2021 election we recorded a level of absenteeism greater than any seen from around the democracyeven from before. Now we not only disbelieve in politicians, but also in politics.

If 80% are going to vote, that does not mean that everything will improve, because we are also making bad decisions, obviously, because we carry them out from the beginning. emotional and not from the rational.

we fell in love with politicians and we deposit on them, not a hope, but an illusion. Like a child who believes that every December 24 Santa Claus it will arrive and on the 25th he realizes that it does not exist, but next year he believes again.

Claudio Mardones: In the case of far-right expressions in Buenos Aires, Milei has not yet been able to build a competitive candidate there. How can it impact the fact that these sectors at the national level do not have a strong candidate, taking into account that there is no second round and it is defined by a vote?

The Province will be marked by the national climate.

que miley do not have a strong candidate It’s going to make me pull those votes less. I am concerned to what extent it has supply in the municipalities. You must go to a competition in 2450 municipalities, which are the armed politicians who will defend your ballot.


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