Increase in buses, trains and subway: how to get a discount on the ticket

This Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the new rate chart is collective and trains of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) that will go away updating monthly based on the evolution of the Consumer Price Index (C.I.P.) of the INDEC. The minimum bus ticket goes from $35 to $37.10.

Meanwhile, the passage of subway of the City of Buenos Aires from Tuesday 7 and each trip will cost $58while the one of the Premeter $20.

Despite the increase in rates, the benefits of the go up red and ANSES Social Fee with significant discounts on the value of the ticket. How much will it cost to travel by public transport in March with and without a discount?

SUBE card: how much is the negative balance after the ticket increase

What are the new rates for buses and trains in the AMBA

Taking into account the CPI index, the public transport fare chart of Greater Buenos Aires will be updated every month.

Bus rate from March 2023

  • minimum ticket: $37.10
  • Section between 3 and 6km: $41.34
  • Sections between 6 and 12 km: $44.52
  • Sections between 12 and 27 km: $47.70
  • Sections that exceed 27 km: $50.88

Train fare from March

  • minimum ticket for the lines Roca, Belgrano Sur, Belgrano Norte and Urquiza: $18.02
  • minimum ticket for the lines sarmiento, Miter and San Martin: $23.32

In addition, this resolution also applies to long-distance and regional rail services.

SUBE card: how to activate the student ticket to travel for free in CABA and AMBA

How to obtain discounts on the value of the public transport ticket

Faced with the new increase in trains and buses, the Social rate that represents a 55% discount on each ticket on public transport, for ANSES beneficiaries through the GO UP card. To access them I must belong to:

  • retirees and pensioners
  • social monotributistas
  • Holders of the Universal Child Allowance (wow)
  • Pregnancy Allowance Holders (WEA)
  • Progress Scholarships
  • benefit for Unemployment
  • Veterans Honorary Pension and war veterans
  • Non-contributory pensions
  • universal pension for the Elderly
  • Youth Programs with More and Better Jobs
  • Promoter Equal Opportunities
  • potential job
  • Training and Employment Insurance

ANSES: two steps to access the 55% discount on the SUBE


To access the SUBE Social Rate, the main requirement is have a SUBE card and carry out the procedure to enable the PIN that allows access to the 55% discount on each train or bus trip.

  1. In section”programs and benefits” of My ANSES, create the PIN to register the card from the web. This step can also be done at an Attention Center presenting the GO UP card and ID.
  2. Once the PIN is activated, the Social Card must be activated by supporting it in a SUBE Automatic Terminal or in the Carga SUBE Beta app.
SUBE card
SUBE Social Rate

How much I pay with the SUBE Social Rate in March 2023

Beneficiaries of the SUBE Social Rate will pay 55 percent less on each bus or train trip.


  • minimum ticket: $16.70
  • Sections between 3 and 6 km: $18.60
  • Sections between 6 and 12 km: $20.03
  • Sections between 12 and 27 km: $21.46
  • Sections of more than 27 km of route: $22.89

University ticket: how to activate it in the SUBE to travel for free to classes in Buenos Aires


  • minimum ticket online Miter, sarmiento and San Martin: $10.49
  • minimum ticket online Rock, South Belgrano, North Belgrano and urquiza: $8.11
Increase in buses and trains in the AMBA

Increase in trains and buses in AMBA: is the SUBE Network compatible with the Social Rate?

Yeah. He red program SUBE in the AMBA it is cumulative to the Social Rate of ANSES beneficiaries.

March arrives with six increases and inflation overheats

The Red SUBE program covers five combinations of public transport be it trains, buses and subway in two hours. This applies a 50 percent discount of the rate at the time of second trip and 75% less of the value of ticket from third travel carried out in a maximum period of transfer of two hours.


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