How to improve the attention of the boys in class

The concentration of the boys in the classroom is a reflection of their behavior in other environments. In educational establishments, children have a segmented time for learning, but in their homes the hours are longer and also require a behavioral discipline to exercise attention.

Teaching children to perform tasks without seeking a specific goal is a way of adapting to daily activities. It is about enjoying the task itself and perceiving its benefits, for example Housework such as making the bed or helping with the cleaning. It is not positive to teach children to do activities with pressure, in that sense the stimulus, such as music, can contribute to the enjoyment. In this regard, it is important that they know how to enjoy what they do without having to expect anything in return.

On the other hand, we must take care of children who are constantly overexposed to different audiovisual stimuli. The numerous screens generate countless quick distractions at a visual level. This speed and change of stimulus causes constant brain activity that prevents attention and relaxation of the mind. Exposure to audiovisual devices, computers or cell phones should be used with measure and avoid it, especially, before going to bed or moments before the study.

Focusing is essential for the activity that is being carried out, the boys must learn the ability to point to a task and not several things at once. This concept is something that children must be educated from when they are very young. For example, eating while watching television does not facilitate conscious attention to food.

The consequence is that they will not have the ability to maintain conscious attention in other activities such as studies. When they are doing homework or studying, no cell phones, tablets, smartphones, or the television onbecause it will decenter your attention and your performance will be lower.

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The high pace at which we are in society leads us to have few quiet moments to think or reflect on how we feel. It is interesting to be able to dedicate a time of serenity and maintain contact with the rest of the family, the participatory board games They can be a way to strengthen the bond with the children and the family.

Attention cannot develop if our body does not know how to contemplate the context. It is important to create the habit of observing what surrounds us. Stop to look at the small details of everyday things that surround the child. Classic children’s games like “I see I see” will allow attention to be enhanced and the brain to develop the habit of seeing and appreciating.

Another sensory aspect is spending time listening. The radio can be a good stimulus. Put music without seeing the image or even put them short story audiobooks so they can listen, strengthen the child’s imagination and creativity. Of course, learn to listen to the sounds that nature itself and the environment also brings.

There are numerous board games and educational resources that directly enhance attention, and can be very enriching for children. In addition, any game can help to work on concentration, since to do it correctly they must operate on that and nothing else. The child’s attention can be stimulated and developed from a young age, but the daily activities of the adult and the family are also very important. All this will affect the school environment.

by RN

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