Hard crossing between Passerini and Caputo by “the pituquitos of Recoleta”

The mayor-elect of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, claimed the phrase by Martín Llaryora on “the pituquitos of Recoleta” and crossed the former minister of Mauricio Macri’s management, Luis “Toto” Caputo.

The pituitos of Recoleta They are the ones who come by private planethat they surely finance with that money and that they come to give us classes on managing a city and live on the income of othersthey live on subsidies, financing with that money and they are part of the problem, we are part of the solution”, said the current deputy mayor of Córdoba.

“Let them keep bitching us that we are going to keep winning in Córdoba”added when referring to a post by Caputo on the social network Twitter.

Caputo’s tweet

“Politics is full of bol…like this one, who arrive there and think they have to yell stupid things or attack to make themselves heard or respected”Macri’s former Finance Minister had written about the phrase pronounced on Sunday night by Llaryora during the celebration of Passerini’s triumph.


Passerini described Caputo as “serial borrower” and assured that he is one of the leaders who “have no ideology.”

“They have economic interests that disguise them as ideology and with the excuse of politics they feed on the subsidies that live criticizing that they are good when they serve them”stated in statements to splendorous Radio, quoted by Clarion.

Regarding the leaders of Together for Change who arrived in Córdoba to accompany Rodrigo de Loredo in his bunker, Passerini said: “They came by private plane on Sunday to go around the Olympics and they stayed in the locker room, they are the ones who come to teach us to govern with our twine and that has to stop”.