Gustavo Acosta, doctor: “Patients have a worse time with dengue than with Covid”

the doctor gustavo acosta told that in the northern province there were 17,500 confirmed cases but they are on the contagion plateau. And he added that there are so many cases because the dengue in the province is autochthonous. “A mom told me that she had COVID-19 twice and it didn’t go as badly as with dengue,” said the professional in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

The City of Buenos Aires is one of the most affected by the dengue outbreak. What about the boys?

We believe that we are on the contagion plateauand although the consultations, tables and complications continue, we are piloting it.

The number of registered cases, is it known?

is Tucuman there are 17,500 cases with laboratories, but we always try to see which of these are confirmed twice as many infections by nexus. If I have a family of four, one result and three with symptoms, I test one person and I consider the others positive by nexus.

Unstoppable dengue: prevention failures and the Thai variant

whatfailed in the province?

The last one was a week ago, a six-year-old girl in San Miguel.

Did he have comorbidities?

Yes, in this case a congenital heart disease.

We are seeing bleeding complications, but they are not serious and can be treated. In fact, the Lules Hospital It is small and has a small hospitalization room for decompensated patients. They are compensated, evaluated, and if they improve, they are sent home. If not, they are referred to a more complex hospital for assistance.

They confirmed 35 deaths from dengue and more than 41 thousand cases throughout the country

Pablo Corso (PC): Understanding that in Tucumán they have a third of the confirmed cases nationwide, why so much in such a small territory?

here hay climatic factors, the North and the proximity with Bolivia. I have a large Bolivian population that comes and goes. Dengue here is autochthonous, is part of us. In 2020 there was a large outbreak, between February and March, but at that time strain one and four circulated, it was not very virulent, this strain two is more aggressive.

The mosquito is more resistant to agrochemicals, so it resists spraying and there is a greater production of mosquitoes, and added to this strain they make a strong cocktail.

PERSONAL COMPUTER: Could something more have been done at a preventive level in terms of province or nation?

We started with preventive information from August-September, regarding prevention measures. For example, fumigations and elimination of containers that collect water. The community part already corresponds to the local governments and police.

Two variants of dengue are circulating in the country: there are already 41,257 cases and 39 deaths

PERSONAL COMPUTER: What are the expectations of the vaccine being developed by the Japanese laboratory Takeda?

There was one, created from yellow fever molecules, but it didn’t work, it didn’t have good coverage. Now one is being produced to prevent it. Like all viruses, they are different strains, so the vaccine has to try to cover all four strains or as many strains as possible, as in the case of the flu or Covid.

We are talking about that this moment is worse than the previous one of the Covid, because at that moment we forgot about dengue…

One talks with patients who had Covid, and they tell me that what dengue produces in people is terrible. The patients They tell me that they have a worse time with dengue than with Covid. A mother told me that she had covid twice and she did not have as bad a time as with dengue.

Does it have to do with the fact that dengue fever was reinforced?

The specialists say that this strain is more virulent than the rest, and it produces more complications, which is why we see complications of a hemorrhagic nature, which we did not see in 2020.

Dengue outbreak: the government admitted that there is a “considerable” increase in cases

Is this because the mosquitoes themselves cross?

Sure, the female lays the finished egg, then the eggs hatch and da a mosquito already got.

Boys usually have a greater recovery for everything, but are they stronger for the effects of dengue?

I’m watching highly affected and compromised patients, in poor general condition. You see an affected child, with the rash and rash. Children are also not very affected, which was seen in the pre-Covid outbreak.

Climate change worsened the outbreak of dengue and chikungunya in Argentina

Is a child more or less likely to bleed?

The same possibilities as people with risk factors, because they have a more vulnerable system. There are mild cases, but the ones I saw were very affected children and women. Women have an early menstrual period with profuse bleeding.

The mosquito is very resistant, and fumigation now is not the main thing, and it is not what it is going to fight now. The sick patient should isolate himself and put on repellentbecause it can be contagious from other mosquitoes.


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